All are Shocked to know About Past Truth! Krishnadasi 29th April 2016 Written Updates

All are Shocked to know About Past Truth! Krishnadasi 29th April 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadaasi begins with Kumudini is revealing the fact that now it is the Abba’s grandson Aryaan is married to the Krishnadaasi’s granddaughter Aradhya as it is Aryaan fills her Maang with his blood. Abba is in no mood to believe so as Abba said that Aryaan did this in order to save Aradhya from the goons.


Krishnadasi 29th April 2016 Written Updates

Abba also wants proof for the same Kumudidni show the video in which it is Aradhya’s Maang is getting filling up with the Aryaan’s blood and Aradhya is shocked to see so. Abba when tried to see that Aryaan did this by mistake, Aryaan clears it, no he did in his own choice as he is in love with Aradhya.

Aradhya is shocked to know so and leave Abba and Pavitra tryed to control Aryaan but all goes vain as now Aryaan was starting following Aradhya and now he asked to the Aradhya that why she is depress when her wedding with Aryaan has been fixed. When Aryaan try to hold Aradhya by embracing her but Aradhya refused to go near to him and push him away from her side.

Now Aradhya asked to the Aryaan that you announced your marriage with mine as you were compel to do so, but I don’t want to marry you by force but that time, Aryaan asked to her that I am not marrying you out of force. I announced the same as I am in love with you and I want to marry you.

Aradhya is shocked to hear so and Aryaan asked to her that and even I am aware of it that you also love me but you scared to accept your love for me and you were scared from the society, blind faith and all that. I will not do favour by marrying you, in fact you will be doing the same b giving nod on it.

In the mean time, Kumudini also explain to the villagers that Sindoor is playing most important rules in the marriage rituals as by putting this the couple get tied on the marriage relationship and the Sindoor’s colour is the red. So blood is equivalent to the Sindoor and Aryaan put that in the Aradhya’s Maang.

So now even villagers want Aryaan and Aradhya to get married as soon as possible and Shashwat is not having much objections on that but Pavitra and Abba doesn’t want to give their nod for the same and Abba is confused and thinking how to stop this now.