Who Is Amol Rajan Wife Charlotte Faircloth? Know About British Journalist & His Three Children

Who Is Amol Rajan Wife Charlotte Faircloth? Know About British Journalist & His Three Children:- This is to inform you that Amol Rajan has been appointed as the new presenter of the University Challenge. Yes, Amol Rajan will portray the role of University Challenge’s host. Who is Amol Rajan and who is his wife? Since Amol Rajan has been announced as the new host of University Challenge netizens are curiously scrounging weblogs to learn about him and his wife. According to the source, the new presenter of University Challenge Amol Rajan is married to his wife named Charlotte Faircloth and they have been blessed with a total number of three children. By going down the page you will get to read about his family and other personal aspects. Kindly scroll down the page and take a peek below.

Who Is Amol Rajan Wife Charlotte Faircloth Know About British Journalist & His Three Children Ethnicity Photos Pictures New Host Of University Challenge

Who Is Amol Rajan Wife Charlotte Faircloth?

Prior to joining the BBC in 2016’s December, he worked as an editor at The Independent Newspaper. According to the reports, he worked as a television presenter for BBC Radio 4’s program titled Today Program. He worked as a television presenter Today program since 2021. Nevertheless, he also broadcasts documentaries. While working for BBC Amol Rajan has flourished with a variety of shows and some notable shows of Amol Rajan are The One Show on BBC and Today. Kindly scroll down the page and read more about Amol Rajan.

Talking about his wife, his wife’s name is Charlotte Faircloth. The renowned journalist and television presenter has earned a name for himself. Thus his wife also became a popular personality. His spouse Charlotte Faircloth is a sociologist. Charlotte and Amol swapped the marriage vows during a private marriage ceremony held in Cambridge. What is Amol Rajan’s age? According to the source, his age is 39 years at this point in time. Amol Rajan was born on 4th July 1983. There is no significant age gap between the broadcaster and his wife. Charlotte is also in her mid-30s at this point in time. Scroll down the page and learn more about Amol Rajan and his wife.

Amol Rajan’s wife is an associate professor of social science at the UCL Social Research Institute in the UK. Charlotte use to teach gender, parenting, and reproduction utilizing qualitative and cross-cultural approaches. She did her doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Social Anthropology. It has been almost ten years since Charlotte Faircloth and Amol Rajan tied the knot. Their family is comprised of five family members and they dwell in London, England.

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