AP 7 Highway Accident Today More Than 3 People Killed In An Accident: Says Terragona Police!

A very serious and harsh collision happened on the AP7 motorway where a serious traffic accident happened by which around three people were killed in the collision which was happened on the early morning of Monday. The Accident Ap7 Hoy was too dangerous and serious by which the people who were involved in the accident lost their life after sustaining serious and harsh injuries on their bodies. The nearby people who witnessed the accident rushed to the spot to find out what actually occurred at the spot and started rescuing the persons who were involved in the accident and then they informed the police officers about the accident. After that, the police along with the emergency services reached the spot and started finding the cause of the accident and took the injured persons to the hospital for giving them quick aid for their injuries. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the accident.

AP 7 Accident

The accident was happened at the AP7 motorway at kilometer 148, towards Tarragona on the early morning of Monday where a trailer and four-passenger cars were implicated in the collision, according to the statement of the Catalan Traffic Service (SCT), one of the dead person was traveling in a car that grabbed fire after the crash happened on the highway and the other two persons who were dead were lying on the back seat of another of the affected cars.

The police along with the emergency services are arrived at the spot and started finding the cause of the accident while the paramedics and the ambulance services are reached the spot and took the bodies of the deceased to the hospital for further process of the investigation. The identification of the deceased is still not revealed and disclosed by any of the officials but surely it will be revealed and disclosed very soon by the officials who investigated the case.

After the accident, the roads of the area has fully blocked and retentions of up to 11 kilometers were developed with the help of the traffic controllers and the officials the roads have been reopened alter for all the vehicles to move up and down on all the direction of the road. The Accidente Ap7 Hoy is still under investigation and surely it will be finished and complete very soon, till then stay tuned with for more details and information about the accident.

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