Apple about to Launch Tripe Camera Setup till 2018 with 3D sensing capabilities

Apple about to Launch Tripe Camera Setup till 2018 with 3D sensing capabilities: Well, when we talk about innovation and technology in Smartphones then we can’t ignore Apple and you all should know that they are way much more unique and attractive. Sources are saying that if Apple is launching an iPhone at this year’s WWDC developer conference then it could be the best Smartphone ever because it may have a triple.

Reports are coming that the company will surely launch some new tech with their phone. Well, you all should know that nothing is confirmed yet but according to Taiwanese website Economic Daily News, Jialin Lu, a security analyst has predicted that Apple’s next set of iPhones will sport a triple camera system where two out three cameras will have advanced 3D sensing capabilities via stereoscopic vision.

You all may know that the company already launched the double camera setups and now they are going to launch something which will help the camera to read an image from various angles. Some sources are saying that rear-facing 3D cameras would be used for augmented reality, which has been a favorite subject of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Also, you all may know that already Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared his feeling already an interest in augmented reality many times in the past. You all should know that He had also introduced the ARKit in iPhone and iPad on iOS 11. Now, you all can expect the third camera as new part of the iPhone series. Also, it will give a longer focal length that would increase the phone’s zooming capabilities by three times unlike the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X which have 2x zooming capabilities.