Apple’s iPhones XS and XR may become cheaper in 2019; Know why?

Apple’s iPhones XS and XR may become cheaper in 2019; Know why?: Last year, Apple launched iPhone X which shook everyone with its price that’s why the sale of iPhone 8 was high last year because most of the people were not able to buy the brand new iPhone X. This year also the price of iPhone XS made the iPhone lovers much unsatisfied as it was fairly higher than the iPhone X. Its basic version was at the starting of Rs 1 Lakh and the iPhone XR starting with Rs 77,000. As the newer versions of the iPhone peaks the price, it became a reason for the costumers to prefer the older versions.


  • Foxconn will manufacture the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in the country.
  • Apple could also end up manufacturing the 2017 iPhone X in the country.
  • Until now, Apple relied on imports to offer the flagship iPhones in the country.

Well, this high pricing is not in the future plans of the Apple as it is making its new models much cheaper.

Now, Apple is planning to begin the production of its top premium iPhone models in the country stated a report by The Economic Times. It is rumored that Apple could have a partnership with Foxconn and could manufacture the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in the country. It is also said that Apple could stop manufacturing the 2017 model of iPhone X and could bring it at a very low and cheaper price than its actual price.

The Economic Times report says that Foxconn will be the manufacturer manufacturing the new iPhones in Tamil Nadu. M C Sampath, Tamil Nadu’s Industries Minister told Reuters that 25 billion Rupees will be invested by Foxconn in the Sriperumbudur plant, Tamil Nadu. The money invested will be to expand the plant to house the manufacturing in the plant. Foxconn is the manufacturer of smartphone Xiaomi in India and now will manufacture the Apple iPhone.

Before the partnership, Apple offered the flagship smartphones in the country through the imports due to which the iPhones carried higher prices than original. Before this, Apple manufactured iPhone SE in 2016 and then added the iPhone 6S to the manufacturing at Wistron’s Bangalore facility. Well, this local manufacturing will eventually decrease the price of the smartphones and will benefit the costumers.

The new production house service in India will provide Apple a better option at dropping the prices of its flagship handsets. It will help the brand to make and account automatic increase in sales and will help the company to make better business. The older iPhones would be turned down and the new iPhone manufacturing and selling at low price would attract more costumers even the android users.