Aradhya makes slogan for Kumudini! Krishnadasi 2nd March 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Krishnadasi” stats with Damini frees Aryan, Banwari says nobody should get enemy like them, he leaves with Aryan, Aradhya stands there in tears. Now Damini brings Aradhya to police station, Aradhya says now you will arrest me but trust me Banwari lied to you, Damini says I know what the truth and I can see it too but they are very clever in twisting laws,

Aradhya makes slogan for Kumudini! Krishnadasi 2nd March 2016 Written Updates

Aradhya says we need to catch the criminals and Damini said we will catch the criminals as criminals can be more cunning but he leaves evidences after committing crimes generally. Now Aji and Ayi should not know it, Damini says nobody will know, you go home, they must be in tension, Aradhya leaves. Damini says Aryan didn’t write this letter but someone wrote it, someone is playing this game.

Banwari says to buyer that our plan failed, now you should village for sometimes else police inspector can spy on you or either Aryan will catch, just leave from here, buyer leaves. Kumudini now looking forward to see the arrival of Aradhya comes there, Tulsi hugs her, and she asks where you were?

Aradhya says I went out to walk, Tulsi says you should have informed us, Tulsi asks where did you go exactly? Now Aradhya says I met some other, I became friends with her so I went with her. Postman comes there and gives courier to Aradhya, she says Shivani has sent it for me. Kumudini comes to Tulsi I’m worry for Aradhya but I know Aradhya can’t do any wrong thing.

Something wrong happened in the society and Aradhya is actually fighting for that and she thinks it is Sarpanch duty to give freedom to the people of the society. So Aradhya decides to fight for the village people.

Precap: Aaba says to his family that my Aryan wants me to take part in elections and I can say no to him, he says to Shashwat that what you couldn’t do, Aryan have done it. Aradhya makes slogan for Kumudini “ideal Sarpanch for village is Kumudini”. Kumudini thinks that now Aradhya is needed to fight against Aaba, this is what I wanted.