Aradhya will dance with Kumudini! Krishnadasi 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last week episode of the TV series “Krishnadaasi” starts with it is some goons attack on the Aradhya and Aryaan appear there to save her. While saving Aradhya from the goons it is his hands were slit as the the goons attacked both Aradhya and Aryaan with the sword and while, saving it is his blood were comes out to fill the Aradhya’s Maang.

Aradhya will dance with Kumudini! Krishnadasi 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Aradhya became emotional afterward that and starts thinking about this event. Now Aradhya starts thinking that now are I am married with Aryaan as his blood from his hands fills my Maang. Anyway, Aryaan managed to save Aradhya anyway from the goons.

Now Aradhya thinks about the event constantly and Aryaan thinks whatever he did with was not right and Aradhya thinks if his blood put on my, it doesn’t means I am married to him and now Aradhya wipes her Maang. Now Aryaan rush towards Aradhya’s house to say sorry to her as Aryaan thinks that he need to say sorry to Aradhya for what he did.

Aryaan was cover himself with a bed sheet and it is sleeping Aradhya thought that a dinosaurs some in the house and Aryaan thinks about Aradhya that she is a cute dinosaurs. When Aradhya holds Aryaan with the bed sheet, she shocked to find out that he is not a dinosaurs, he is actually Aryaan. Aradhya is shocked now.

Aradhya get blush to see Aryaan as she was touched as the Aryaan’s bood apply on her Maang and it is the Kumudini and Aaba sees this too, Aryan sees so and get stunned. Now Kumudini wants Aradhya to get married in her real life as only wedding can bring smile on her face.

And somehow Aradhya rush towards the Aryaan house where something happen and she makes her entry like Bahu of the house but Pavitra there insults her badly. Pavitra says to Aradhya that are you in living in misunderstanding that Aryan’s blood got applied in your forehead. But still you are not the Bahu of my house.

Aradhya is shocked and hurt to hear so. Aryan listens this and is stunned. Tulsi says to Kumudini that I will not dance in front of anyone; Kumudini thinks that if you will not dance then Aradhya will be dancing with me as Aradhya is the Krishnadaasi and she needs to dance like a mesmerizing dancer!!!