Archery World Cup 2021: Deepika Kumari And Atanu Das Won Gold Medal In Mixed Team Event

On Sunday, the two archers from India have bagged gold medals in the on-going Archery World Cup 2021. It was the third stage of this international archery circuit 15th edition where Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari competed in the mixed team category’s Final round. This competition was held on June 27, Sunday and the Indian archers squared-off Netherlands players in the venue of Paris.

Archery World Cup: Double delight for Deepika Kumari as India clinch gold  in women's and mixed

The duo Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari from India bagged the victory by defeating Sjef van den Berg and Gabriela Schloesser from Netherlands. In this category event, the Indian players received gold medals while Netherlands won silver. On the other hand, Alejandra Valencia and Luis Alvarez ftrom Mexico has gained the bronze medal in the same category.

The combat between these two teams was very thrilling and quite tough for both the teams, however Netherlands started very well in the beginning. Initially, Netherlands got the lead by giving tough competition to the Indian players and was with 0-2 points lead. However, even getting a tough start, Kumari and Das didn’t stop trying and eventually turned the whole table by bouncing back to take on the final round with 5-3 scores.

Even though, Netherlands’ Sjef van den Berg and Gabriela Schloesser were in the good start, but at the end they were defeated by 5-3 scores from the Indian duo Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari. After receiving the medal, Atanu stated that this experience feels very amazing. He also further stated that this is the first time ever when they both have played in the finale round together, it happened today and they won the gold medal. He expressed his extreme happiness after achieving this feat.

These two archers from India are married to each other, and on June 30 they will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Meanwhile, the trio Ankita Bhakat, Komalika Bari, and Deepika Kumari from the Indian Women archery team has also won the match and bagged the gold medal after competing against Alejandra Valencia, Ana Vázquez and Aída Román from Mexico.

Talking about the on-going competition, the 2021 Archery World Cup is organised by World Archery ever year. This is the 15th edition of this tournament which includes four events and it was started on 19th April 2021 and it will conclude on 2nd September 2021.  As of now, India is leading the point table of this season with total number of six medals, including 5 Gold and 1 Bronze. On the other hand, the United States, Colombia, and Netherlands are positioned in the second, third and fourth spots respectively.

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