Bindu Screams Ashoka! CAS Ashoka 27th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Bindu Screams Ashoka! CAS Ashoka 27th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The latest crux of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is yet to showcase on hearing about Kaurwaki’s suicide, Ashoka rushes to find her and manages to rescue her from the river. Seeing her alive and breathing, Ashoka tries to save her and takes her to the nearby temple. The monks listen to Ashoka’s plea and try to help him. Meanwhile, Jagannath offers Sushim his support in defeating Ashoka. On the other hand, Kevalnath watches Ashoka carry Kaurwaki from the river and plans to kill her. Will Kaurwaki survive it is yet to clear!


The last night episode of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat further shows that Ashoka and Devi both are disheartened to know that Kaurvaki has been died by committing suicide.

Ashoka asked Jagannath that how Kaurvaki can die, I am still alive and she can’t die but Jaganath asked to him that Kaurvaki has died and a dead person can’t be alive anyhow. He also scolded Ashoka a lot as well cursed him to leave.

Charu is desperate to know that Sushim is dead and she uses her Kaali Sahktiyaan (Black Magic) to know about Sushim’s situation and Charu wonder to see that her Kaali Shaktiyaan is saying that Sushim is alive and before she could think Sushim arrives in front of her.

Ashoka and Devi on the other hand search Kaurvaki and they bring out Kaurvaki from the out of the water where she is faint. Ashoka and Devi take Kaurvaki to the Ashram where Rishi did the treatment of her. Rishi also asked Ashoka that he is the person who arrived here with a big goal.

Ashoka recalled that he is the same Rishi who saved Ashoka once when he was wounded in his childhood time. Rishi also gives the nod and remind Ashoka that Kaurvaki’s situation is not good. Ashoka recalled how Kaurvaki used to support him in his fights.

So Ashoka asked Devi that Kaurvaki is the too strong lady and she can’t try to kill her so we need to know how Kaurvaki falls down in the water as soon as she will be having her conscious. Devi gives the nod.

Sushim asked Charu that he is alive and he will be now using the help from Tantra Mantra to kill Ashoka as well he said that he will be taking advantage of the Siamak’s murder to kill Ashoka.

So Charu applies some herbs on Bindu who was sleeping as after having the herbs he will follow the person whom he will be first seen after opening his eyes’.

Precap: Sushim asks Bindu if he felt bad when Siamak died. Do you know why your blood does not boil when your one son Ashoka killed your other son Sushim. Bindu screams Ashoka but faints by holding his chest. Ashoka runs after hearing Bindu’s voice.