AVT vs BCS Russian Basketball League Match, Dream11 Prediction, Livescore, Avtodor vs BC Samara

AVT vs BCS Russian Basketball League Match, Dream11 Prediction, Livescore, Avtodor vs BC Samara:- Basketball fans are extremely excited for the upcoming match of two wonderful teams who are going to play in the Russian Basketball League. The league has shown too many matches to the fans and once again, the fans are much excited to watch one more match that will begin in just a few hours. As per the sources, team Avtodor (AVT) and team BC Samara (BCS) will face off against each other on the basketball court. Now, we are going to share some important details of the match and you can also create a team on Dream11 where you can earn some rewards.

AVT vs BCS Russian Basketball League Match Dream11 Prediction Livescore Avtodor vs BC Samara

Through this article, we will share some details regarding to the match like date, time, venue, and lineups players. Many have been supporting team BCS because of their performances in the last few matches because the other teams have lost all of their last five matches. If you are excited to watch the wonderful match so, the tickets are available online and you can check more details here. Keep reading to get more information of the upcoming match.

AVT vs BCS Match Details

  • Team Names:- Avtodor (AVT) vs BC Samara (BCS)
  • League:- Russian Basketball League
  • Venue:- Kristall Ice Sports Palace (Saratov)
  • Date:- Tuesday, 15th November 2022
  • Time:- 08:30 PM (IST) – 03:00 PM (GMT)

AVT vs BCS Squad Player

Avtodor (AVT):- Rade Zagorac, Evgeniy Minchenko, Brandon Garrett, Christian Jones, Danilo Nikolic, Andrey Pechkin, Marat Tsybikov, Ryan Boatright, Nikola Rebic, Nikita Mikhailovskii,  Malik Newman, Vytalius Pranauskis, Andrey Ivanov, Andrey Fyodorov,  Evgeny Kolesnikov, and Aleksandr Petenev.

BC Samara (BCS):- Anton Kardanakhishvili, Ivan Lazarev, Marcos Knight, Danila Chikarev, Maxim Sheleketo, Yuri Umrikhin, Maxim Barashkov, James Ennis, Malcolm Thomas, Nikita Zverev, Vladimir Pichkurov, KC Rivers, Isaiah Reese, and Philip Gafurov.

AVT vs BCS Lineups Player

Avtodor (AVT):- Evgeniy Minchenko, Brandon Garrett, Nikita Mikhailovskii, Aleksandr Petenev, Rade Zagorac, Ryan Boatright, Nikola Rebic, and Evgeny Kolesnikov.

BC Samara (BCS):- KC Rivers, Maxim Barashkov, Anton Kardanakhishvili, Isaiah Reese,  James Ennis, Malcolm Thomas, Nikita Zverev, and Yuri Umrikhin.

AVT vs BCS Match Prediction

As we can see that the match is going to be exciting because of the teams and their players. Here are 12 teams in this league and team AVT is at the 9th spot with 9 matches where they won 2 and lost 7 matches. Another side, team BCS is in the 5th spot with 9 matches where they won 5 and lost 4 matches. As per the sources and reports, the team BCS has a better chance tonight to win the match against the rival team.

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