Best GPS Watch Recommendations in 2017

GPS watches have turned out to be extremely significant these days, as people in modern times are getting more concerned about fitness. Starting from the athletes, swimmers, cyclists, adventurers, to just any fitness enthusiast, GPS watches have been significant for people of all groups. It doesn’t only help them in tracking their performance, but also encourages for working harder.

Though one can find a great variety of GPS watches these days, some of these are quite distinguishing than the others. Given below is a compilation of such excellent GPS watches.

TomTom Spark 3

If you sweat hard at your running track, this GPS watch will encourage you to sweat some more. The TomTom Spark 3 GPS watch is one of the best GPS running watches recommended for the athletes, especially the runners.

Interestingly, this featured-packed watch can be bagged at a price as less as $130. It has got incredible GPS tracking ability, and is known as an excellent swim-resistive watch. Undoubtedly, one can’t have as better choice for a watch as of this at such a low budget.

Garmin Forerunner 230

Garmin Forerunner is another fantastic option as a GPS watch for the athletes. Carrying a decent price of $249, this incredible watch is indeed one of the finest recommendations under mid-range category. It’s packed with some exciting features like super fast satellite-locking. You can connect the watch with your smartphone device as well, and can have notifications.

This is also a fine device for having handy information like VO2 max estimation. However, there is no wrist-based heart bit monitor. The user has to integrate a chest strap for the detail. Well, one who definitely wants the wrist sensor can go with the Garmin Forerunner 235 as well. Anyway, the Garmin Forerunner will cost you $329.

Garmin Forerunner 630

If you are looking for an absolutely enhanced GPS watch, the Garmin Forerunner should be your choice. This is indeed one of the finest running GPS watch one can have in 2017.

The watch has been explicitly developed for the extreme runners. No one can match the level of accuracy that it possesses. Moreover, the watch can measure a significant amount of data that includes rhythm rate, ground touch timing, etc

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio


Being made strategically for the extreme cardio practitioners, the GPS watch is one of the favorites among the females. The best part about the watch is its flexibility. One can place it over a bike and it measures HR from the hand itself. It is water-proof even going about 50 meters inside.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT

Here comes another finest choice for the extreme athletes. The Gramin Forerunner 920XT is one of the finest combinations of the best running, cycling and swimming manipulations along a noteworthy tracking ability. There is an equally sturdy battery unit as well to provide the longer life of this super performing device.

Suunto Ambit 3 Peak

If you are a consistent hiker, the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Hiking watch can be a fine choice for you. It is currently the most favorite GPS watch among the hikers. The extent to which the Ambit 3 Peak can track the activities through its high-end sensor is just unbelievable for the others. Battery life is quite incredible as well.