Bigg Boss 17 Today’s Written Update 25th December 2023

In this article, we are going to give you the details of Bigg Boss 17 25th December 2023 Written Update. Currently, Bigg Boss 17 is the highest-rated television show, and viewers are eagerly anticipating today’s episode. The show, also known as Dil, Dimaag Aur Dum, is one of the most popular reality shows on television. Bigg Boss premiered on ColorsTV on October 15, 2023, and audiences can also watch the 24-hour show on JioCinema. Salman Khan will once again host the show. The show’s popularity is growing with each passing day. In this reality television show, contestants reveal their true selves, and viewers learn about their two faces.

Bigg Boss 17 25th December 2023

Further, Bigg Boss is the highest-rated show on ColorsTV. The audience enjoys watching the contestants living together and performing various tasks. However, conflicts between the contestants are common. As usual, today’s episode starts with the contestants. As the contestants are discussing about the other housemates members. On the other side, Rinku gets angry at Isha Malviya and Samarth and feels furious due to Isha’s decision, as Isha nominated Aishwarya without any reason. While Neil supports Rinku and understands her feelings. He provides emotional support to Rinku. Meanwhile, Ankita joins them and asks Rinku to move on from this situation. She gives her opinion to Rinku.

Further, Rinku says from now Isha and Samarth are on my target and refuse to do duty from tomorrow. She says I can’t leave this topic and declines to let it go. As Rinku is too frustrated due to Isha’s decision, she will not do house’s work until Isha will not resign from her captaincy. While Neil also stands with Rinku on her decision. On the other side, Vicky Jain comes to talk with Mannara when she looks alone. He offers her empathy. Mannara shares her feelings about a friend, as she lost a friend in Munawar.

Mannara says how much I lost my self-respect, even though that guy did not cry for me even once. She further says I am not the same Mannara Chopra who came. Moreover, Munawar chose Ayesha Khan despite Salman Khan shouting at him. While Ayesha and Munawar hear Mannara’s words. Munwar asks Mannara if her words are “classy”, and Mannara replies it’s called “trashy”. Ayesha comes to Mannara and says she is moving ahead in the game with the support of two people. Munawar reacts when Mannara says you can also go to Gurukul. She talks about his outside friend which makes him angry. He shows his anger by breaking a glass.

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