(BBKS4) Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 Episode 22nd October 2016 Hd Video Today Task!

(BBKS4) Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 Episode 22nd October 2016 Hd Video Today Task! :- The TV reality show Bigg Boss 4 Kannada has now showcased that tonight it is 5 participants’ has been nominated including Pratham, Dodda Ganesh, Kaavya, Sheethal, Sanjana – among these 5 Peoples somebody will have to leave the house who will be having least votes among the all.


Find out which participant is most likely to be out of the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada this week which is actually based on the public voting. Pratham, Dodda Ganesh, Kaavya Shastri, Sheethal Shetty and Sanjana are in the danger zone and this is the second week of Bigg Boss 4 Kannada. Fans of the series are curiously looking forward to seeing who will be shown the door in the Kiccha Sudeep -hosted show this week.

Viewers have been criticizing Pratham on social media from the day one as he is just having irritating and provocative behavior with the inmates which are unpredictable.

In Facebook, people are speaking about the participants’ and their popularity as well the fans are being criticized about them. Interestingly, their views seem to have suddenly changed after Friday’s episode, during which Pratham and Niranjan Deshpande clashed over a petty issue and Pratham is actually nominated for this weekend but still Pratham’s popularity is massive so it will be hard to believe that he will be saying bid adieu to the show.

Pratham is having mixed review from the fans some people are enjoying being fan of him and some are criticizing him. Most important is that he is being the popular participant of the show anyway. Niranjan Deshpande used foul language to criticize Pratham which actually harm Pratham’s image but he was being aware of it that everything is being recorded in the camera.

So now Pratham became annoyed of Mr. Deshpande and he just dragged an issue of which happened in the past and recalling a story published in a tabloid which doesn’t like by Deshpande.

Their fight reached a different level when all the 14 inmates united against Pratham. This did not go down well with fans of Bigg Boss Kannada, who felt that it was unfair on the part of 14 contestants to target one person only without looking after the issue.

So total sympathy of the mass goes for Pratham which fetches him the popularity which showing surely he will be saved for this week. The participant most likely to exit from the show this week are Kaavya as she receives fewer votes.
Although Dodda Ganesh does not have a strong reason to be on the show but his amazing dance performance impress the audiences.

People feel that Dodda Ganesh deserves to get one more chance to stay in the game, considering the fact that he is not from the entertainment industry so he is not aware of it how to behave properly in front of the camera.

Fans say that Sheethal Shetty and Sanjana have a better chance to stay on in the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada house as they are very genuine participants’. Let see the final name of the participants will be announced by Sudeep who will be entered Bigg Boss Kannada stage tonight at 9:00 PM.