Bihaan gets shocked! Thapki Pyar Ki 12th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

The daily soap “Thapki Pyar KI” has been an integral cog in raising the TRP for Colors Channels. This show is telecasted at the 7:30 PM, from Monday to Saturday.


The last episode was started with “Thapki” running on the road and was screaming the name of “Bihaan”. Later, she stopped an autorickshaw and offered him double payment but he refuses.

Then, she saw Bihaan’s bike failing on the road and confirmed a man about this accident. That man informed her that the accident was really frightening and there is no chance that the driver of the bike could have survived in the accident.

Then, Dadi called her and asked her to come back home. Thapki disconnected the call and started shouting Bihaan’s name as she thought he was dead.

Then, Thapki returns to the home and was shocked to see the Bihaan absolutely fine. She was just about to ran toward the Bihaan, but Dhruv stopped her nd told her that she never wanted to harm his brother Bihaan and he had done all this because he just wanted to see her bride in beautiful looks and now Bihaan will see you in this shattered look and he will refuse to click photo with you.

Then, she entered the house where everyone was shocked to see Thapki in the shattered state and asked her whether everything is fine with her of not?

She told all the family members that she went to a temple and while coming back from the Temple she helped a man who was met with an accident.

Meanwhile, Dadi showed her concern for Thapki and told her to not go anywhere otherwise bad sight will catch you.

Thapki says that nothing can happen to me as your blessing always remains with me. Then, Dhruv interprets them and told the thapki that bad sight has already caught her as she looks so much shattered.

Then Preeti asked her to change her clothes as bride must look good in her photoshoot but Bihaan shows her love toward Thapki and told everyone that Thapki has a beautiful heart nd it does not matter shows she looks.

Thapki and Bihaan hugs each other. Meanwhile, Bihaan cleaned the dirty clothes of Thapki and also helped her to clean her makeup.

Then, he asked the photographer to click the photo and not to include their clothes as Thapki’s clothes were dirty.

Meanwhile, Dhruv was angry  and Thapki looked to her and told her that he must now stop fighting with his fate and never should dare to touch her again.

The Bihaan took the every family member and Thapki to pose for the photoshoot. Everyone wore the glasses and then posed for the photoshoot.

On the other side, Vasundra was dreaming that she went to a morgue and ward boy asked her to view the face of a dead body and she started screaming after watching the face of that body.

Then, Bau Ji wakes her up and asked her to forgive as  this is only a dream and she should forget this. But Vasundra told him that something bad is about to come and she has to stop the madness.

Next day, everyone was waiting for Bihaan for the lunch, so went to her room to call him . She saw him with a towel and snatched the toel and was shocked to see Dhruv and then questioned him why he is here.

Suddenly, Bihaan entered the room and  Dhruv told the that the geyser of his bathroom was shut down.

Thapki looked worried about the incident. On the other side, When everyone was on the dining table, Bau Ji asked the Vasundra about the bad dream but she refuses.

Bihaan told the Vasundra that nothing bad will happen and Druv followed him and told the Vasundra that everything bad has already done and now nothing will come.

Meanwhile, Bihaan was teasing Thapki by touching her foot with his foot. But Dhruv saw that and he even starting touching Thapki’s feet.

But soon Thapki recognises that Dhruv is touching her with his feet, so she moved his feet towards Shraddha’s feet.

Shradha smiles after seeing that Dhruv was touching her feet. But Dhruv soon realises that he was touching the feet of Shradha and took his feet back.

Meanwhile, Dadi informed everyone that Bihaan has three brothers, two brothers has brought jewellery and clothes for Thapki so, Dhruv will help the Thapki in her bridal makeup.

Dhruv told Thapki that I will help you in wearing the dress and will love you like your husband, so get ready for getting my virtual love.


In the upcoming episode of Thapki Pyar Ki , Dhruv will enter the Thapki’s room and will say that he will do all the love rituals on her.

But Thapki will warned him that she will expose him in front of the whole family. Suddenly, Thapki slips and falls on the arm of Dhruv and Bihar will see them both together.

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