Blue Moon 2018 Date: Watch Lunar Phenomenon Occurring in March – Know Everything About

Blue Moon 2018 Date: Watch Lunar Phenomenon Occurring in March – Know Everything About: – Skygazers is all set to appear once again which will be all set to display the incredible blue moon for the second time on this year of 2018. Post giving a treat to all the night sky watchers watched already in the last month of January the glowing Blue Moon.


Now another Blue Moon will arrive and occur on this 31st March 2018. The rare blue moon phenomenon had occurred on January 31, 2018, which made and appeared the moon appear larger and brighter.

The Blue Moon also actually coming closest to Earth on its orbit when the Blue Moon appearance occurs and in the rare case the occurrence of Blue Moon, happened in the month of February, something which never occurred since 1999 and will not occur again until 2037.

Though, the month March will fulfill what February lacked this is so, as, by the end of March, there will be another dazzling blue moon appearances’ on the sky reportedly. Here you in this article you will get to know everything about this exceptional lunar phenomenon of blue moon that will be taking place on this March.

This is the second blue moon of 2018 which will take place on this Saturday, 31st March 2018, and will arrive post the first full moon of March will be appear known as the Worm Moon which comes into sight in the sky on 2nd March 2018.

The Worm Moon is also regarded as the Sap Moon and this celestial body received this named by Native Americans because this is marked the rise in temperatures and post this, the earthworms will appear and will be become more active.

What is a Blue Moon and how this moon received this name?

Generally, a full moon appears once a month but sometimes 2 full moons also appear in the very same month of the calendar which is regarded as the second is labeled as a ‘blue moon’.

This name is deceptive because the moon does not appear blue in color also. Though in some cases, the moon can actually appear as and look in the color of blue which is because of the refraction and this reflection happens when the light rays enter at the atmosphere of the earth.

Will the Blue Moon be seen or not?

Blue Moon can be actually going to be visible to the naked eye without ant high-tech cameras or binocular but passionate space enthusiasts can make use of a telescope in order to catches the glimpses of the blue moon to the very close.

What is Full Moon and the main reason behind its specific names?

Full moons happen at the period when the Earth comes indirectly between the sun and the moon. This can appear every 29 and half days and happens during the Moon received the most amount of light from the sun.

On each month’s full moon has a specific name as per the Native America traditions. Full moons are closely associated and connected with the Native American tribes who used to keep a track of seasons.

They also kept tracked record of the all the months in the year which provides its help to the lunar calendar. This lunar calendar is still used by us at this contemporary time.

Most names are the concurrence of an activity or an event which used to take place at that particular time or signified some crucial altercations.

What should space enthusiasts can expect to see?

Stargazers are all set to have a gala time which will commence on this 2nd March 2018, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will be arriving in a straight line and will peak on this 7th -8th March.

On March 20, 2028, the March equinox can happen on this official first day of astronomical spring. The full moon will be occurring in April that is regarded as the Pink Moon and will be going to be visible on this 30th April 2018.

This Pink Moon is regarded as the Pink because wildflowers will also start blooming with this arrival season of spring.

Other Full Moons of this 2018 also have an interesting and curious name which is like, Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, and Thunder Moon.

The full moons also hold major importance in Hinduism and Indian culture as so many carnivals and festival all Hindus celebrated on the full moon day, like karwachauth.

And so, this is taken as an auspicious day to start or to do some important work as per our Hinduism believes.