Box Office Report : Loveshhuda vs Ishq Forever Movie 2nd Day Total Earning

Box Office Report : Loveshhuda vs Ishq Forever Movie 2nd Day Total Earning : Well, in this Friday box office hit with lots of movies like Loveshhuda, Ishq Forever and all. Now when we talk about first day first collection I am sure that you all have your own opinion about the movie in my words both of these movies is not made by big budget and even not a big actor featuring on these movies so you can’t except lot of earning from both of this movies.


Even both of these movies have known actor but they are not so big and also they don’t have big fan following around the world. And that is also a negative point or you can say this can effect earning directly.

Loveshhuda 2nd Day Box Office Collection

If I talk about Loveshhuda than we can say that this movie is far better than Ishq Forever because this movie directly attracting the audience not in big numbers but people attracting toward the more faster than Direct Ishq because of “Grish Kumar” yeah he is a known and loving person for the audience because his first movie got good response from the audience but you can’t compare Loveshhuda to his first movie because they both have different-2 buzz among the audience.

Loveshhuda is not going as good as makers excepted in first day also this movie not receiving the good reviews from the critics and I think that could be a threat for this movie only music is something that completely got successful in creating buzz and for that makers should be thankful towards the composer or the musician of the movie.

First day collection is so slow and people attracted faster than “Direct Ishq” towards this movie but not enough attraction people got divided between other movies and that’s the reason Loveshhuda stuck on only Rs. 1.70 Crore so this Friday was average for this movie and this movie need to be good on upcoming days.

Ishq forever 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Ishq forever is not a big name movie and this movie also had not that big buzz among the audience. I think this upcoming week is going to be big threat for this movie not because it has nothing to say but the competition level this movie getting from other movies is so high. In first day of earning this movie collected just Rs. 1.95 core only

We can compare both of these movies but the truth is both of these movies needs to get better in upcoming days neither they both going to failed in earning bucks for the makers.