Mega Twist! Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitaan 22nd October 2016 Written Updates

Mega Twist! Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitaan 22nd October 2016 Written Updates :- Zee TV most enjoyable interesting program, Brahmarakshas looks like a remarkable refreshing show, which gives the colossal voltage potential that extends to the Brahmarakshas supporters.



Brahmarakshas 22nd October 2016 Written Update

The social TV series Brahmarakshas frequently made to give goose bumps to the onlookers with its never closed dilemma way and positively, the important crux of the show is to showcase in the current episodes that, Apu thinks in the event that she ought to assault Raina (Krystle D’Souz) or her shortcoming. Raina cries and asks Rishab (Aham Sharma) for what reason it is dependable with her. Apu sees Raina embracing Mohini (Rakshanda Khan) and thinks whether to assault Rishab or Mohini.
Where In the most recent scene, Yug says daadi bua that Rishab and Rainahave not gone for a vacation. Rishab says Raina needs to remain with daadi until she is at Daadi’s home. Yug says then he will run with Naina to their homestead house.

Daadi reproves her. Yug says then Rishab and Raina ought to come. Mitali and Ved likewise say they will likewise come. Yug says they will leave at night itself. They all leave in an auto. Auto gets punctured in the wilderness.

Yug says he will bring technician and quietly slips off. He looks Apu. Apu comes. He demonstrates auto and says they will achieve cultivate house in 2 hours and gives copy keys.

Apu smiles thinking this key is a key to her destiny. Raina insults Rishab that one can change tire effortlessly, yet needs powers and need to go to a rec center. Ved says he goes to exercise center and brings jack, however, does not know how to function.

Raina insults him next. Rishab changes a tire and asks Ved to get back to Yug. They all achieve cultivate house. Yug forces Rishab to drink a couple pegs. Mitali says they will play truth or set out amusement. Rishab says it is a terrible thought.

Raina says truth is constantly awful. They begin playing. Naina turn starts things out. Raina asks how could she have been able to she get wounds. Naina gets apprehensive. Yug says she generally tumbles down and harms herself.

Rishab’s turn comes next and he talks about his ex and says she is entire, taking a gander at Raina. Raina gets desirous. Raina’s turn comes next. Control goes off. Ved asks her to demonstrates her darkness and get candles from a kitchen. She goes to kitchen afraid and seeks candles.

Rishab comes there and she asks what is he doing here. He says he will recount to her outstanding story. Their contention begins. He says she can leave their marriage. She requests that he go then and gets perplexed listening to a voice. Rishab likewise hears the voice and says it is a female voice. He achieves stroll into a room and sees human blood.