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Care for Eyes: Never sleep wearing contact lenses: can cause permanent blindness

Care for Eyes: Never sleep wearing contact lenses: can cause permanent blindness: Eyes are very sensitive part of human body. A little carelessness and you may suffer the consequences. You would also have heard people complaining their dissent for contact lenses. Well, wearing contact lenses is also tricky. There are some guidelines to wear the contact lenses. If you don’t follow the guidelines properly then you may get flu in your eyes.

Sleep in Your Contacts, Risk Serious Eye Damage

To prevent eye infections you need to keep some points in mind that are never wear other’s contact lenses in your eye, always replenish the solution of contact lenses and don’t go to sleep wearing contact lenses. So, this content is to educate you that how sleeping wearing contact lenses can harm your eyes.

Sleeping without removing contact lenses can cause severe eye infections that could turn into flu and could result in permanent blindness.  Reports published in the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine stated that inappropriate care and improper wearing of contact lenses can lead to the cornea infections such as microbial keratitis.

Jon Femling, an assistant professor at University of New Mexico in the US said that sleeping with contact lenses on can lead to permanent damage in eye. He said, “Sleeping in your contact lenses is risky and can lead to infections, or in some cases, permanent damage.”

He also said that sleeping wearing contact lenses can cause severe health problems. He added, “Falling asleep, or even napping, without removing your contact lenses can significantly increase the likelihood of serious health problems.”

There are many cases in which people forgot to remove contact lenses before sleeping and next they were found circuiting the doctor’s clinics. There was a case in which a man slept wearing contact lenses for 3-4 nights and also wore the lenses while swimming. He reported blurry vision with red eyes. The person was diagnosed and it was found that his eyes were battling with bacterial and fungal microbial keratitis. Another case is also similar to the previous one because in this case, a young girl bought contact lenses with no prescription from local drug store and slept wearing them. She was reported with a corneal ulcer that unfortunately resulted in scarring.

Another incident where a man wore contact lenses for about two weeks was detected with a pierced cornea and bacterial infection. He had to go through an eye transplant surgery to save his right eye.

Felming says, “Sleeping in lenses is one of the riskiest and most commonly reported behaviours for adolescent and adult contact lens wearers. If you want to avoid infection, and avoid a trip to the emergency department, proper eye care is a must.”