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Plan a Charity Raffle in Four Amazingly Simple Steps

It’s an open secret. A charity raffle is an innovative way of making a steady income for your non-profit organization. Especially if a generous sponsor has donated cash prizes or items including a vehicle, real estate, or anything of great value for the raffle. Your organization stands to benefit from ticket sales.

However, before you print promotional flyers to promote your next charity lottery event, or plan a gala event for the official unveiling of the raffle winner, get familiar with state and federal laws regarding setting up a charity raffle in your area. Doing this will help you better plan for your fundraising event.

Steps to help properly plan a raffle

First of all, familiarize yourself with state laws in your area. This is important because each state defines a raffle a little differently. Visit the state government website or call city hall to understand what requirements are needed to set up a raffle in your state. A raffle is about ticket sales and rewarding supporters via random draws. You need a license from the relevant authorities to do this.

Once you understand how your state defines a charity raffle, the next thing is to check with the state on raffle requirements. Different states allow non-profit organizations to run a raffle. Others will dismiss your efforts. Acquaint yourself on your state’s raffle laws before you plan a fundraising event.

Now that you have a good idea of the governing raffle laws in your state, apply for a raffle permit or license (if required to). The raffle application process takes weeks even months. So before you plan a charity lottery, apply for a permit first then go ahead with planning. Not the other way round.

Before setting up a charity raffle, talk to a lawyer

Understanding raffle laws is a complex affair. You have no idea what’s stipulated in the law, or what is prohibited or allowed. So talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to better understand the legalities involved in organizing, publicizing, money collection, and distribution of prizes in a raffle event.

An attorney sheds light on how to carry out a fundraising event. And in case issues arise, you’ll be sure the attorney will help you solve them, and better understand any grey areas. On paper, things look so easy. But in the real sense, they’re confusing, which can lead to failure. That’s why you need a legal representative.

Before you jump through the hoops of putting on your fundraising event, focus on the initial planning stages of your fundraising event. Then massively promote it offline and on social media. Success is sure to follow.

Remember to think about the raffle’s timeline. Identify the right supporters for your charity event. And determine how you’ll select winners for the draw. Doing so will help you plan and execute a successful raffle without the guesswork. Because now you know what requirements are needed to set your event for success.