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We have shared many details of the many matches because many popular leagues have been going on for the last few months but have you listened to Chile Basketball League 2021? Yes, the ongoing basketball league is coming with an amazing match today where two teams of the league will show you some wonderful skills and talents. Well, the league has introduced many matches in the league and again, the organizers and teams are ready to show you one more amazing match. Today, team Universidad de Concepcion (CONC) and team CDS Quilicura Basket (QUI) will face off each other on the basketball court. Both teams have played their three matches in this league and now, both will play their 4th match on the court.

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Through this page, we will provide you every detail of the match including their gameplay, time, date, squad, league, team names, and many more things. Many fans are searching for the important details of the match and if you are one of them, you are in the right place because we are sure that we will give you each and every detail of the upcoming match. The match will be held under the Chile Basketball 2021 and played at Casa Del Deporte UDEC, Concepcion. So, what are you waiting for? the match is going to start in just a few hours and maybe, you are excited as I am.

CONC vs QUI: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Universidad de Concepcion (CONC) vs CDS Quilicura Basket (QUI)
  • League:- Chile Basketball 2021
  • Venue:- Casa Del Deporte UDEC, Concepcion
  • Date & Time:- Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at 01:30 AM IST

CONC vs QUI: Team Squad

Universidad de Concepcion (CONC):- Carlos Milano Paez, Fernando Pichott Rojas, Sebastian Barria, Andres Dominguez, Rodrigo Madera Cirio, Juan Alvarado Sanzanz, Benjamin Cabello Garcia, Lino Saez Ramirez, Pablo Perez Parra, Eduardo Marechal Diaz, Michael A Rivera Bustamante, Demarco Owens,   Evandro Arteaga Fuentes, Carlos Lauler Zanartu, Brandon Demond Moss, and Diego Silva Campos.

CDS Quilicura Basket (QUI):- Jose Luis Campos, Sergio Carter Torres, Marcelo lopez Cespedes, Tomas Munoz Neira, Jordan Ahmad Little, Oscar A Barria Roa, Brain Campos Nunez, Heder Louis, Nicolas Alvarez Valenzuela, Claudio Lavin Olivares, Matias Sepulveda Soto, Vjekoslav Rafaeli Berg, Julius Holt Martin, Osven Ledezma Chomon, Diego A Latorre Rozas, Adrian Toro Molina, Matias Abarca, Oscar Becerra Contreras, and Jose A Madrid Alarcon.

CONC vs QUI: Probable Lineups Player

Universidad de Concepcion (CONC):- Eduardo Marchal Diaz, Brandon Demond Moss, Lino Saez Ramirez. Demarco Owens, and Evandro Arteaga Funentes.

CDS Quilicura Basket (QUI):- Osven Ledezma Chomon, Julius Holt Martin, Oscar Becerra Contreras, Matias Sepulveda Soto, and Marcelo Lopez.

CONC vs QUI: Match Prediction

Everyone is waiting to watch this match in the stadium but who will win today? It is the biggest question in everyone’s mind and maybe, everyone is excited to know this. So, we are here to provide the prediction of the match and which team has more chances to win this match. Team CONC has played 16 matches where they won 13 and lost 3 matches. They are in the first position with 29 points.

On the other side, team QUI is standing in the 6th position with a total of 17 matches where they won 3 matches and lost 14 matches. We can see that team QUI has lost all last matches in the league and in front of CONC, they can’t win.

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