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Crypto Debit Cards: What Are They & Are They Worth It?

With many people owning cryptocurrencies, they likely want to use them as a primary payment method. However, many companies and businesses do not currently accept cryptocurrency as payment because they may think figuring out the technology is too much work. Also, there is the thought that the demand to accept cryptocurrency is low.

Crypto Debit Cards: What Are They & Are They Worth It?

However, new technology is here to help make purchasing with cryptocurrencies even easier.

A Crypto Debit Card

Just like with regular debit or credit cards, a crypto debit card can allow you to make purchases at any business. The reason why this is possible is that the cards have been released alongside Visa and Mastercard. This technology enables all stores that accept Visa and Mastercard to accept your crypto debit card.

When you want to use your crypto debit card, make sure to have altcoins like Bitcoin or Ethereum in your crypto wallet. You can trade and purchase these coins with apps like 1k daily profit software . Once you have your coins, you can transfer your cryptocurrency to your crypto debit card with either a website or an app.

Afterward, you can go to any shop and purchase with your new card and your cryptocurrency. Also, you will have lower transaction fees this way because the card provider can convert your cryptocurrency to the local currency and pay the merchant in said currency. This can allow for lower transaction fees compared to standard banking cards.

Why Should You Use Your Crypto Debit Card Instead of Your Normal Card?

A crypto debit card is more useful if you travel because you will not be charged excessive exchange rates. Currently, when you are outside of your country and want to purchase a product, you are slapped with a hefty conversion fee.

However, cryptocurrency acts as a bridge between your home currency and the visiting country’s currency. This means you will not have to pay exchange rates because the card company can take your cryptocurrency and turn it into the local currency when you make a purchase.

Additionally, if you do not travel, you can still use your crypto debit card instead of your standard banking card for other reasons. When you use your regular card, you can be hit with additional banking fees inside your own country, but the crypto debit card does not have that. Also, many crypto debit cards now have exclusive cashback programs and lounge access at airports.

Like with everything else in life, there is always a downside. Since cryptocurrencies are volatile, you may end up using more or less crypto when making a purchase. This may not be noticeable when you make small purchases, but if you decide to pay for a complete vacation with your crypto, you may end up being shortchanged.

Moreover, some companies can be selective with who can access their perks when it comes to the crypto debit card. Some may say you need to stake coins to have these perks and rewards.

Either way, remember to research each crypto debit card before choosing which one you want.


Since cryptocurrencies are extremely popular, there is no surprise that crypto debit cards have been made and can be used worldwide. They are very useful when it comes to paying abroad because you will not be hit with conversion fees. However, the volatile crypto market does mean that the value of the digital coin is constantly changing.

Therefore, make sure to check where your cryptocurrency is currently sitting in the market before purchasing. Also, always check the fine print when picking your crypto debit card.

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