Dance Plus+ Season 2 13th August 2016 Performances Hd Video Hrithik Roshan Promote Mohenjo Daro

Dance Plus+ Season 2 13th August 2016 Performances Hd Video Hrithik Roshan Promote Mohenjo Daro :- The mentor of the dancing show Dance Plus Season 2 Shakti Mohan, who is an ardent fan of the actor Hrithik Roshan, is actually thrilled to shakes legs with the actor. The 30-year-old mentor left Hrithik totally impressed with her hot dance moves and indeed her dancing moves manages to bring the actor also on the stage of the show to shakes legs with her.


According to reports, when Shakti got to know that Hrithik would be coming to the sets for the promotion of his upcoming movie ‘Mohenjodaro’, she just makes a video with her friends and family to share that how much she love the actor as she is a huge aficionado of him.

She also present the video on the show to shakes legs with the movie actor Hrithik Roshan in the dance number of ‘You are My Soniya’ from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ which bring huge entertainment on the show.

On stage, Hrithik reportedly promised to do a music single with Shakti and he also stated that he is just overwhelmed to have a fan girl Shakti Mukti as well the Greek god praised Shakti’s dancing skills by saying that he need to do a lot of rehearsals to match the dancing moves with her.

The mentor was obviously awe-struck with the presence of the Mohen Jadro actor Mr. Roshan and she also shares her joy with her fans via official page of her micro blogging site where she writes that, “Met the crush of my life on #DancePlus2 Bestest hottest cutest @iHrithik Total fan girl moment” – Shakti Mohan

In the show it is Hrithik will be also seen dancing on the stage and he will be seen wearing the turban which is enough to give goose bumps to the fans. Hrithik shares his views about the dancing and he stated to media that, “I have never worn a turban in my life before. But I wore one on the stage of ‘Dance +’ because I’m stunned and moved by their performance on stage. I just couldn’t resist to shake a leg with them and get my Punjabi moves out on the stage”.