Dhaani finds the ring! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the daily soap “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” begins with the goons is saying to Dhaani that she is beautiful like a heroine. Kamini says you said her beautiful now, so you can love her now. Dhaani cried and scream, she also said to the goons that don’t dare to touch me.

Dhaani finds the ring! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

But Kamini said in order to manipulate the goons, that please opne our rope then we will be showing you our Jalwa, goons get confused and said that we are having 2 beautiful women, they are like Laddooss, and we need to have them but whom we should have first.

The goons are going reached to Dhaani but Kamini asked them to leave Dhaani and asked them to do whatever they want to do with her. When the goons now try to touch Kamini, Dhaani scream and said police to distract their attention and now Dhaani run away with Kamini. In the meantime, Dulaari had been seen worry for the Dhaani but Dhaani call her and make sure that she is okay, so Dulaari is relaxed now.

Now second time, the goons attack on the Dhaani and Kamini, but Kamini throw sands on their eyes and beat them. Dhaani also beat them. Dhaani said, we need to call police now as the goons are too dangerous. Kamini said is this will be right, Dhaani said we should inform it to police, and then the police will be giving us protection.

Kamini asked to the Dhaani that please don’t inform about it to Dadi, Dhaani said oaky but we will inform about to Viplav then Viplav will be helping us. Kamini said thanks to Dhaani for saving her honour. In the mean time, Dadi Bua asked Kamini to go with Viplav for the outing. Kamini said Dhaani is a sweet girl, she need to come with us but Dadi said that your thinking will be changing very shortly.

Dhaani discussed the same with Viplav that goons attack them and they need to inform this to the police. In the mean time, Viplav somehow have to leave for outing with Kamini as Dhaani was busy that time and Dhaani is shocked to see so. Dhaani call Viplav and Viplav said that we come here, you should join us.

Viplav also said, I love you to Dhaani, Dhaani smiles. Now Kamini arrived in an isolation area with Viplav and Dhaani is very scared and out of scared she eventually embrace with Viplav and Viplav is shocked with that.
Precap: now Viplav asks Kamini not to get scared as Dhaani is already finds the ring at home. Viplav asks Kamini to smile and Kamini smiles.