Dhaani is shocked! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

We are back with the brand new episode with Dhaani, Where Dhaani is very happy and she is filling her maang by the sindoor and then suddenly Dulaari holds Dhaani’s hand and trying to stop her.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Episode Written Updates

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Episode Written Updates


Ishq Ka Rang Safed Episode Written Updates

After that, Dulaari asks for Dhaani that you are filling Viplav’s name sindoor in maag and again she asks her to stow Parshiya’s name sindoor in maag.

On the Other side, before this incident, where Parshiya removes Vidha from auto painstakingly. Dhaani and Parshiya request that Vidha open her eyes.

Dhaani requests that her open eyes and Rahul give water. Parshiya sprinkles water all over.

She gets awareness. Dhaani asks would you say you are fine? Vidha embraces Dhaani being frightened. Dhaani says you are okay, nothing has fallen.

Vidha says you have lied. Dulaari says if anything would have happened then. Vidha says you likewise lie.

She embraces Parshiya. Parshiya takes her in his lap and requests that her not do this once more. Vidha says guarantee Papa, stunning Dhaani and Dulaari.

Parshiya embraces her joyfully. Dulaari says thanks to him. Parshiya says she resemble my girl. Dhaani sees twisted on his hand. Pratibha requests that her come and rest, says your gudiya is fine. Dhaani requests that Vidha rest.

Vidha says my baba is my daddy, he has spared me. Dhaani requests that her rest and says she will be back soon.

She goes out. Parshiya says I was sitting tight for you, have to converse with you. He apologizes to her for Pratibha’s false impressions. He says I will converse with Vidha moreover.

He says I know you cherishes that legal advisor even at this point. At whatever point I attempted to converse with you about my emotions, I saw him in your eyes.

He says Viplav is Vidha’s dad and I am her baba. He says I would prefer not to lose your companionship and will be with you as my closest companion. He doesn’t say anything ought to happen to our companionship.

Dulaari comes and hears them. Dhaani takes his hand and promises that nothing will happen to their kinship. Dulaari says even I need this. She inquires as to whether it will be conceivable if your fellowship stays under one rooftop.

They are stunned. Dulaari says I am truly stunned seeing Vidha. She requests that they offer name to their companionship and says Vidha will get her Papa.

Pratibha tells she said correct and gets some information about Vidha’s satisfaction. She inquires as to why you both are thinking much and says everything will be okay.

Dulaari approaches Dhaani to take a choice for Vidha and says she will be glad on the off chance that she gets her Papa.

Dhaani is weepy eyes. Dulaari tells Parshiya that her proposition may be peculiar to them, and says she is not pressurizing them, approaches them to take this choice for Vidha and turn into Vidha’s dad from baba, so she gets cheerful. Dhaani is sad eyes.

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