Did Nana Patekar hit out at Salman Khan for backing Pakistani actors?

Did Nana Patekar hit out at Salman Khan for backing Pakistani actors? :- The Bollywood industry is taking their dig into the ongoing tensed relationship between the India and Pakistan. Shiv Sena asked the Pakistani Artist to pack their bags and leave India, otherwise, they will be forced to go out.


Although, the numbers of Bollywood star have different to say about this issue. Salman Khan supported the Pakistani actors and on the other side Om Puri condemned them.

A new name has joined this list as veteran Bollywood actor, Nana Patekar has raised his voice on this issue. He told media wing that ” for me , my country comes first then rest of the things. An artist is a bed bug and he is nothing in front of the country.”

He further added that ” Army people are real heroes and actors are fake. One should not take the words of actors seriously. I was in Army for two years and I knew how hard work they do to save us, so they are the real heroes fighting at the border for us.”

Veteran Actor Om Puri insulted the martyrdom of Soldiers

Meanwhile, Nana slammed Salman Khan for his comment in which he mentions that Pakistani artist has vigas with them. Nana quoted on same ” Salman is accurate that Pakistani actors have Viga and they are not terrorist. But the thing is that war is going between two countries and one should not say anything in this. And when war is not there, there everything is ok.”

Well, Nana is always known for his solid opinion and answers, but this time, he points the gun at Dabangg Khan of Bollywood. Will Salman react to this comment of Nana? Time will only tell.