Disney’s newest Princess: First Look of #Moana Poster Released

Disney’s newest Princess: First Look of #Moana Poster Released : Hollywood new Princess which name is #Moana . Moana basically is a Disney’s Princess and from the latest updates, the movie teaser are uploaded on this Sunday and the final movie is released in the India on the 23 Nov 2016 .


According to the director Ron Clements and John Musker to completing this movie in THE SOUTH PACIFIC.
“THE theme of the movie is set for Three thousand years ago, where the greatest unstoppable sailors in the world voyaged are going to the cross line of the vast South Pacific and, finding the many of islands of Oceania in the world and instantly no one knows why voyages stopped and no one can find that.

Where the Moana is the Princess of her tribe and his father are chief of a there tribe. She’s going for the mamy island with her superb hero which name is “demi God Maui” . Then these two are gonna tribble and battle with that greatest voyage soldier and describe in this movie for what is the power of love and friendship.

where the Disney’s Princess Moana voice are given by 14-year-old children whose name is “Oahu” and her hero “demi God Maui” voice will give by “Dwayne Johnson” which is created by CG adventure fantasy animated movie.

This animated , adventure movie is directed by Ron Clements, John Musker and starring with Naomi Sequeira, Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson is an icon actor which name is ROCK and he gave him voice in that movie Moana , from the movie makers are called that is the animated fantastic movie for all generations , Just going in theater on 23 NOV 2016 for new coming Hollywood princess “Moana”.