Kericho: Ebola case came out, Kenya Govt. on high alert

Kericho: Ebola case came out, Kenya Govt. on high alert: Kenyan Government is on high alert as they have suspected a case of Ebola in Kericho. Sources are suggesting that on Sunday around evening they have found a patient with similar symptoms. The government doesn’t want to take any chance and they are planning to take early action to deal with this issue. The patient is admitted at the Kericho County Referral Hospital.

Sources are saying that the country Diseases surveillance team has a lookup to the case immediately and they have found that it is a big issue. Also, they are planning to take the necessary precautions to ensure that there was minimal contact between the patient and other persons at the hospital. People are keeping up their distance even though anything big isn’t announced yet.

According to the government statement, the County Department of Health Services is monitoring this potential case and they are keeping things on a positive side. They are working with the National Government to ensure that all essential procedures are followed to protect public health and safety. We think that things are going to be alright in upcoming days if the government takes the action early.

Also, the official said, “The patient has been placed in isolation and blood samples sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Nairobi for further analysis. The preliminary test results are expected to be ready within the next 12 to 24 hours”. Sources are saying that the government has appealed for calm and assured the public that the County Referral Hospital is capable to all kind of issues.

Even, a surveillance team is assessing the border situation and will make recommendations for handling emergencies. So far, the news isn’t big but we are keeping an eye on this subject as it affects the majority if this virus increases in upcoming days.