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Anupama 7th October 2022 Episode Written Update: Paritosh Kidnaps Arya

Anupama 7th October 2022 Episode Written Update: Paritosh Kidnaps Arya:- In this article, we are here with the written update of Anupama 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Paritosh Kidnaps Arya. This show is an Indian drama web show which shows how a housewife sacrificed many things to make their family happy and Anupama is a housewife who makes everyone happy. Now, she is suffering a lot as her daughter has been taken because of Toshu and now we will see what will happen in today’s episode. So, if you are here to know what will happen so you are in the right place. Let’s have a look in the next section.

Anupama 7th October 2022 Episode Written Update Paritosh Kidnaps Arya Anu Reads Note Pari and he have left a note for Kinjal she runs outside in search of him

Anupama came to know that Toshu had kidnapped Arys and Pari and he have left a note for Kinjal she runs outside in search of him but she doesn’t find him. Rakhi tells everyone about this incident and Anupama read that note in which he wrote that she gets influenced by Anupama and takes their daughter and now he is taking Pari from her and she will feel the same. Toshu then goes to the temple and hides Pari there and pampers her. Dolly comes to Anupama and says she has done the wrong thing by taking away her child.

Anupama drives her car in search of Toshu and Vanraj comes with another car she also tells Anuj that he has taken Pari away and she is not safe. Rakhi gets upset and prays that they find them before Kinjal came to know about this incident. Kinjal comes with Hasmuskh and asks about Pari and rakhi gets nervous and says that she is with the neighbour Neela says no and Pari gets angry and asks about her.

On the other hand, Anupama prays to god that may Toshu comes back with the baby and she stops at the temple and goes inside she finds a toy of Pari and realizes that she is here. Kinjal came to know that Pari is kidnapped by her father and she gets worried that what will happen if he lost his mental balance Anupama finds Toshu sitting on the bench and Toshu realizes that someone is here and he gets alert. To know more about this show you can download the Voot app and this show is also available on Star Plus.

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