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Pandya Store Today’s 3rd March 2024 Written Update: Everyone gets the chits

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Pandya Store. This page will help you to learn about the Pandya Store’s 3rd March 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Natasha impresses the judges”. The episode starts with Hetal. She walks on the ramp with Amrish. She smiles. Amrish makes eye contact with Shalini. Dolly hugs Hetal. Isha looks worried as she waits for Chiku. Juhi announces on the stage that the next contestant is Natasha Pandya. Everyone claps. Suman thinks where is Natasha? Dhawal silently says to Juhi that Natasha is single, she has divorced. Juhi says why did you not tell me this thing earlier. Juhi again takes Natasha’s name.

Panday Store

Juhi says Natasha will be disqualified if she still does not come. Natasha comes there. Everyone claps. Suman smiles. Dhawal looks happy. Chiku checks the file and finds that the papers are missing. Natasha calls Isha on the stage and says I am with you, we will fulfill our dream. Isha walks on stage with Natasha. Juhi asks Isha about her husband. Just then, Chiku comes there and says nothing is more important than Isha. Isha smiles. Everyone claps. Isha hugs Chiku. Juhi says to Natasha that you are disqualified as this is the partner round and you have no husband.

Pandya Store 3rd March 2024 Written Update

Natasha says to Juhi that if a girl is single or divorced then it doesn’t mean that the girl is alone, maybe in today’s generation a woman doesn’t need a man’s support, then how could I incomplete for this round, you all will see the form of Shiv in me and also the glory of Shakti. Amba notices Natasha and imagines her as Shakti and Shiv. Everyone claps for Natasha. Natasha gets emotional and smiles. Shalini says very well done Natasha, you are today’s generation girl, strong, independent, and capable.

Amrish looks at Shalini. Juhi agrees with Shalini’s words. Everyone claps. The song Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi… plays in the background. Natasha walks on the stage. Isha walks with Chiku. Amba smiles and sees Isha. The judges note the points. Juhi announces that we are going to start our next round. She says it’s a treasure hunt round, the husbands have to sign them and explain the clues,  and you will get 5 minutes to complete this round. She asks Natasha who will give you the clues. Natasha says I will find myself. The treasure hunt round starts. Chiku notices the papers on Natasha’s dress. He is shocked to see it.

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