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Pandya Store Today’s 4thMarch 2024 Written Update: Natasha see a door and rush

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Pandya Store. In this report, we will give you the details about the Pandya Store 4th March 2024 update. Today’s topic is “Chiku steals the papers’. The episode starts with Chiku. He how to understand the clue to Isha. Hetal says to Amrish don’t give me the hints because you already did a lot for me. Pranali tells to Bhaven do it fast. Bhaven says, yes is tying. Amba thinks that Isha may win the contest. Isha and Natasha try to understand the hint. Chiku thinks that how Natasha got the papers, means she already knew everything, I should need to get the papers back from her.

Pandya Store

Pranali and Bhaven are disqualified from the contest. Chirag speaks the hint. Juhi announces that Dolly and Chirag are also disqualified. Suman says may Natasha or Isha win the contest. Isha and Natasha come into the room and look for the skeleton. The guests are watching their movements live on the screen. Natasha and Isha come into another room in search of a crown. Isha prays for herself. Dhawal is happy to see Isha and Natasha in the final round.

Pandya Store 4thMarch 2024 Written Update

Chirag says Isha will win and the trophy comes to Makhwana’s house. Natasha feels unwell. Dhawal comes to Juhi and says that Natasha has medical issues if she doesn’t drink water for a while, she will faint due to dehydration, and I have to go to her. Juhi says Okay go. Natasha feels dehydrated. The papers fall on the ground with the tag. Chiku notices Natasha. He hides from Isha. Natasha going to fall suddenly Dhawal comes and holds her. Everyone shocked. Isha also comes. Dhawal feeds water to Natasha. Natasha says you don’t have to worry about me, I can handle myself.

Dhawal says I am part of this event and I must care for everyone. Chiku takes the papers. Natasha takes the hint paper from the snake’s mouth. She and Isha read the clue. They start searching. Both find the crown in a big dragon’s mouth. They smile. Chiku sees the papers and smiles. Everyone claps for Isha and Natasha. Chiku thinks yes, I did it, Amrish Makhwana now get ready to see your destruction. Juhi announces on the stage that Isha and Natasha are the top two contestants. Suman tells Natasha to search crown in the dragon’s head.

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