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Imlie Today’s 4th March 2024 Full Episode Written Update: Shivani walks down and panics

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Imlie. This page will help you to learn about Imlie’s 4th March 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Imlie Reveals the Truth About Raghu’s Death”. The episode starts with Surya. He says to Imlie that we both know that we don’t trust each other, I am giving a task, the day you reveal the half-truth, I will take your help. He leaves and sees Malti is hearing their conversation. He asks Malti what are you doing here, are you fine. Malti asks whether we understand Imlie wrong, but My heart is saying that Imlie nothing did wrong with Raghu.


Raghu asks Malti to hear the mind, not the heart because the mind always wins between mind and heart, don’t come in Imlie’s words. He calls the play button and says I want to meet with you tomorrow. The next morning, everyone takes Aarti. Rajni says to Daadi that Binni was saying that she watches Surya and Imlie together. Sonali says to Rajini that people keep saying anything wrong, and don’t pay attention to unless things. Rajini asks why you always support Imlie. Binni asks Rajini to not yell at Sonali because of all of Imlie’s mistakes.

Imlie 4th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie is in the kitchen and prepares the food. Surya asks Raghu’s friend to come to his new home. Monty recalls and gets nervous. Imlie asks Jugnu to serve food, I going somewhere. Daadi stops Imlie and offers her Aarti. Imlie takes Aarti and touches Daadi’s feet. Daadi says we are going temple and Nirmala has gone to the doctor with Malti, all the household work should be done by the time before our arrival. Jugnu says I will do everything. Daadi asks him to come with her and says Imlie will do it alone.

Imlie starts cleaning the house. Surya notices her and asks her where she is going. Imlie says don’t interfere in her matters. He says you can’t go anywhere. Monty/ Raghu’s friend comes outside the Chaudhry’s house. Surya argues with Imlie. Monty enters the house and meets with Surya. Imlie gets nervous and recalls Monty and Raghu misbehaving with her and Shivani. Surya says to Imlie to make tea for Monty. Imlie nervously goes to the kitchen and prepares tea. Shivani walks down and is scared to see Monty. She calls Imlie. Imlie and Surya run to Shivani. Surya asks Shivani if she knows Monty and Raghu. Imlie loudly says yes, Raghu had come into this house. She calls the police and reveals the truth.

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