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Anupama Today’s 28th November 2023 Full Episode Written Update: Baa Sits in Shock

Hello friends we are coming back with a new episode Anupama. The viewers are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode of Anupama. Today’s article is about Anupama’s 28th November 2023 written update. Today’s topic is ‘Tapish tries to motivate Dimpy”. The episode starts with Anuj. He sees Romil driving the Scooty. Romil drives Scooty at high speed. Anuj says to Anupama have you seen Romil, has he gone mad, who drives like this, he is not even wearing a helmet. Anupama says let’s talk at home. Tapish asks about the costume from Dimpy. Dimpy says thank you to Tapish for the costume.


Dimpy asks Tapish if he wants coffee. Tapish says no, I drank already. He says used to tell everyone that winter is my favorite season. Dimpy repeats the same line at the same time. He says do you only dance or are you also fond of singing. Romil comes back home. Anupama and Anuj wait for Romil. Romil says what happened, why haven’t you guys slept yet. He says why are you guys looking at me like this, has something happened. Anuj says it’s good that he asked. He says that there is a boy in our house who has lost his mind and driving without following the traffic rules.

Anupama 28th November 2023 Written Update

Anuj yells at Romil for not following traffic rules. Tapish takes Dimpy to a place where a group is sitting near the flame and singing. A guy playing guitar. He asks what happened if you didn’t like the surprise. He says it’s called jamming. She says I know. He tells Dimpy, why it is called jamming. He introduces Dimpy to his friends. Anupama says to Romil we are explaining to you because we are your elders if we don’t understand then who will explain. Romil says sorry to Anupama and Anuj. He hugs them.

Tapish plays guitar. He sings Shaam Bhi Koi song. The group and Dimpy enjoy the song. Anuj asks Romil if the girl is his girlfriend. He says no. Barkha comes and shouts saying that it is age to make a girlfriend. Tapish’s friends tease him and ask if Dimpy is his girlfriend. He says she is my boss. Baa comes to the kitchen. She worries about Kavya and Dimpy. Malti Devi comes and taunts Baa. Tapish follows Dimpy and says let’s go together. He says sorry. Anupama hugs Anuj. Adhik and Pakhi see Dimpy and Tapish together.

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