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Pandya Store Today’s 27th November Written Update: Dhawal Comes Downstairs

Here we are coming back with a new episode of Pandyaa Store. The viewers eagerly wait for today’s episode. Today’s article is about the Pandya Store 27th November 2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Amrish executes his plan”. The episode starts with Natasha. She says to Dhawal that everything is not good but everything is too very good. She says thank you Dhawal for supporting me. The moment creates. They both see each other in their eyes. They cook food together. She says she will manage. He says you are hurt therefore I’m helping you. She is trying to get flour from the top of the cupboard.

Pandya Store

Dhawal comes to help her. The song Chup Chup Ke Dilbar Ka Didar…plays in the background. The flour falls on Natasha and Dhawal. They laugh. Isha comes to Pandya House. Chiku wakes and is scared after seeing Isha near him. He asks what are you doing here at this time? She says he was not responding to my calls and messages therefore I came here to talk with you. She asks why are you ignoring me? He says I’m not ignoring you. He says Suman will wake up.

Pandya Store 27th November Written Update

Isha says let her get up, I will tell Suman that Chiku called to meet him at midnight. He says you are a big liar. He wakes up from his dream and finds that it was a dream. Natasha’s head collides with Dhawal’s head. She says to Dhawal to get permission from Amba before going. Amba comes and starts acting like she is not well. Amrish asks Amba how is your leg? Amba says she is a little better than before. Bhaven and Chirag take blessings from Amba. Dhawal says to Amba that he wants to go to dinner with Natasha.

Amba says that Chirag and Dolly have also got married, so take both of them with you. Dhawal goes with Natasha. Natasha says that it will be more fun if Chriag and Dolly stay together with us. Chirag comes and says it won’t be any fun at all. Isha comes to Pandya’s Store. She asks what are you thinking, are you thinking about me. Chiku says no. She meets with Suman. She leaves. Suman asks Chiku if he loves Isha. He thinks that Suman and Natasha are stoping me to fall in love with Isha. Amrish gives the file and asks Dolly to take the signature of Natasha on these papers. Natasha comes and Dhawal looks at her.

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