Birthmark OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time And Cast

It is coming forward that an Indian-Tamil language film Birthmark is going to be released and this news is creating a buzz among the community and people. This film has not been released yet but it is receiving a lot of love from people and netizens. If you are curious to know more about this upcoming film such as cast, crew, story, release date, where to watch, and many more. In this article, we are going to share all the available details regarding this upcoming film and we will try to share it all in this article, so read till the end.


Birthmark OTT Release Date

Birthmark is an Indian Tamil-language film and it is full of mystery and drama. Let us clarify that this film is scheduled to release on Friday 23 February 2024 at the theatres. Vikram Shreedharan is directing this film and the producer is Sapiens Entertainment. It starred Shabeer Kallarakkal and Mirnaa Menon while the other co-actors have also performed their best in this film. This is not the first time that the lead stars worked together, before this film, they starred together in the Telugu film Naa Saami Ranga. Still, several details remain to share, so keep continuing your reading…

The teaser trailer of the film Birthmark was shared by the producers on YouTube, seems intriguing and is gathering good responses from the people. The film focuses on natural birth, but if the trailer is to be believed, it also seems to be full of mystery and there may be the presence of crime in it. The story of this film started with love but with time it turned into a mystery. The story of Xcat has not been revealed but it has been confirmed that the film is full of unexpected mysteries.  It is presently in post-production and the trailer will be released after this process. Read on…

The film Birthmark belongs to Kollywood and it was originally made in Tamil language. Its story revolves around a natural delivery facility, Lieutenant Daniel (Shabbir Kallarakkal) and Jennifer (Mirna) decide to travel to a village but things change when Daniel begins to face problems related to his trauma. It is directed by Vikram Shreedharan and starred Shabeer Kallarakkal, Mirnaa, PR Varalakshmi, Indirajith, Porkodi, and Deepthie. It is fixed to be released on 23 February 2024 in the theatres but there are no details regrading its release on OTT platforms. We have shared all the available details above in this article. Keep following to read more articles.

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