On Which OTT Platform Ranam Will Release: Check Date And Time

In this article, we are going to talk about the upcoming film Ranam which is going to be released and this news is creating a buzz among the fans. It is an Indian Tamil-language film and it stars Vaibhav Reddy, Nandita Swetha, Tanya Hope, and Saras Menon. This film has not been released yet but people are so eager to watch and enjoy it and express their excitement on social media pages. Multiple questions have been raised related to this film’s release and where to watch it, so we made an article and shared all the details in brief and try to cover it all.


OTT Platform Ranam Will Release

Let us clarify the film Ranam is set to release on Friday 23 February 2024. Meanwhile, only 5 days are left to its release and the curiosity among people defines this film will be most liked by the audience. This film’s complete name is Ranam Aram Thavarel but it is the most popular as Ranam. It is a Telugu-language film and the storyline of this film revolves around a mystery thriller. The director is Sherief and he has also worked in numerous successful films. Swipe up this page and continue your reading to know more…

The teaser trailer of this film has been released on YouTube and it is available to watch. The exact details are presently unclear but it is seen the trailer was most liked by the people and now, many are waiting for its release. Some are waiting for its release in theaters while some are waiting for its release on OTT platforms. Ranam is scheduled to release on 23 February 2024 but there are no details about its digital rights to release on OTT platforms. This film is also getting attention because it is the 25th film of the actor Vaibhav and other co-actors also performed their best to make it outstanding. Keep reading…

The beginning of this filmmaking was announced a year ago with filmmaker Sherief and the crew posted its first teaser in August 2023. The songs of this film were also most liked by people and everyone is waiting for its release. The storyline of this film is not completely shared but the director shared that it will be an interesting investigative thriller in which actor Vaibhav will play a facial reconstruction artist. Social media users are sharing their reactions about Ranam by commenting and posting. We have shared all the available details above in this article. Stay linked to to read more articles.

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