Imlie Today’s 3rd March 2024 Full Written Update: Imlie recalls Raghu’s murder

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Imlie. This page will help you to learn about Imlie’s 3rd March 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Surya Blames Imlie for Malti’s Condition”. The episode starts with Imlie. She alone dressing her wounds. Daadi notices her and leaves from there. She passes to Malti’s room and overhears that Nirama is shouting at Surya. Surya says to Niramal to don’t go away from me. Nirmala asks why he called me mother and Malti as sister, what kind of brother is you who could not come in time to save his sister?


Nirmala says how much selfish you are and cries. She says stay away from us if you care about our safety, I am folding my hand. Surya says you both are my lifeline, how can I live alone, don’t punish me so much for what happened today, nothing like this will happen after today, and he swears Malti. Nirmala tightly slaps Surya and says how dare you take fake swear on Malti, you failed from the duty of a brother, policeman, and son.  She says go away from here I don’t want to see your face. Binni talks to her boyfriend on call who says he is outside the house.

Imlie 3rd March 2024 Full Written Update

Binni sees him and asks what he is doing here. He asks to come down. Her boyfriend says if she does not give him money in 2 days then he will reveal her truth in front of Chaudhrys. Surya gets upset. He recalls the childhood moments with Malti. He goes to Imlie. He angrily holds her hand and takes her in front of the Chaudhrys. He says that those goons have enmity with Imlie not with Malti. He taunts Imlie. Daadis shocked and asks Imlie whether it is true. Alka blames Imlie.

Imlie says but I only go there to help Surya Reddy. Surya shouts at Imlie and says I thousand times said that I don’t want your help but you do not hear and drag her outside the house. The rain starts. Imlie hides herself under a tree. Malti wakes up and says to Surya that the goons had not come for Imlie, they came to warn you by killing me. He comes to save Imlie. Imlie is unconscious. She thinks that Surya is Agastya. Surya tells Imlie that he is not Agastya. Imlie wakes and asks how she came back into this house.

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