Anupama Today’s 26th February 2024 Full Written Update: Anuj is Shocked

Here we are returning to give you the details surrounding the television show Anupama. This page will help you to learn Anupama’s 26th February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Anupama Advice Toshu”. The episode starts with Tohsu. He says to Yashdeep that mummy has reached now, there is no need to pick and drop like an IT company because my mother is omnipotent, she can do all the work herself. Anupama tries to stop Toshu. YD smiles and says it would have been better if you had done what you said. Toshu gets angry and says you are not my boss. Yd sits in his car and leaves from there.


Anupama shouts at Toshu and says stop worrying about them, worry about your daughter and wife. Toshu says I don’t like your boss coming here. She says don’t enter into my matter and care about your family, today, your goon came to the house. He says don’t worry mummy, I have taken out the solution. She asks what solution. He says I have got a job in Anuj Kapadia company. Anupama and Toshu enter the house. He sits near Pari and says that as long as your father is there, nothing will happen to you and your mother, the goons will not come again because my job is going to start.

Anupama 26th February 2024 Written Update

Dimpy cries and says my son is deteriorating in front of my eyes and I am not able to do anything, if I understand him with love he does not understand, how I understand him. Tapish comes there and asks Dimpy to dance. Anupama comes into the room and sleeps near Pari. The music starts and Tapish dances. He holds Dimpy’s hand and dances with her. The music stops and he leaves from there. Dimpy says I will never lose my hope.

Anupama feed feed Pari. Pari says to Kinjal you do not prepare food like this. She asks Anupama to drop her at school and also pick up her from the school. Anupama agrees and says she can’t pick up her as she has work today. Pari gets upset and turns her face. Toshu comes and says wish me luck as today is my first day at Anuj’s company. Anuj wakes up and notices Shruti. Shruti prepares breakfast. She gets emotional. Toshu takes blessings from Anupama and says keep watching how I change our destiny. Anupama stops Toshu and says you are thinking of taking an advance on your first day,  I promise that I will never speak in your natter.

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