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Boruto Chapter 67 Release Date and Time Spoilers, Preview, Where to Watch Online Details

The most popular and prominent anime manga series which comes with a splendid and outstanding plot and concept which attracts all the attention of the viewers towards the series. The popular and most prominent anime tBoruto: Naruto Next Generation is driving its readers to an intense drive as the plot twists break records. Ever since Code has reappeared into the storyline, there has been nothing but surprises. When Kawaki left Konoha and Boruto followed, they came face to face with Code.

Boruto Chapter 67 Release Date and Time

Fans were hyped up to see the outcome of this legendary battle, but no one could have guessed what came after. If one thought that Shikamaru being held hostage was the last of twists, they probably could not handle manga panels that led to Kawaki killing Boruto.  Especially after the ginormous cliffhanger in chapter 66, one cannot help but be in awe at the turn of events. The quality of Boruto’s plot has improved a lot. There are so many factors that keep building up the uncertainty of the manga’s future. The beautiful illustrations in every panel make these uncertainties a wonderful experience, begging us to continue reading the chapters every month.

The 67th chapter continues where the previous left off, with Boruto lying on the ground, unconscious. Naruto is clearly traumatized by witnessing his son’s fall. Meanwhile, Ada warns Code not to harm Kawaki just because he killed Boruto. Boruto was supposed to be Code’s living sacrifice, but with Kawaki killing him, he had lost a huge asset. Ignoring Ada’s warnings, he attacks Kawaki, and a heated battle breaks out between the two. Kawaki manages to dominate his opponent, and the latter somehow braces himself. Shikamaru is released, and he goes to console a grieving Naruto, where he sees a huge hole in Boruto’s chest. He tries to console the Hokage but eventually loses patience and scolds him.

Seeing Code disappear, Shikamaru is distressed, but he is more concerned about Naruto and the situation of Kawaki. As someone who had killed his comrade, Kawaki will be sentenced to some punishment. Naruto is conflicted regarding Kawaki, and Shikamaru urges him to realize that he had just killed Boruto. To everyone’s surprise, Boruto wakes up. Naruto is overwhelmed. In place of the big wound on his bound, he has the mark of Karma.

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 67 Release Date is finalized to be on 20th February 2022 online on on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus and in the upcom9ing episode, the viewers will see that Momoshiki appears and announces that he has saved Boruto since he is his vessel. In a sequence of flashbacks, it is revealed that Boruto had injured his heart and lungs and also lost a lot of blood. To save him, Momoshiki created new cellular tissues. Stay tuned with us.

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