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Chhoti Sarrdaarni 27 February 2020 Written Update: Watch Sarab and Meher’s nok-jhok

Chhoti Sarrdaarni 27 February 2020 Written Update: Watch Sarab and Meher’s nok-jhok: Colors TV’s Chhoti Sarrdaarni has been one of the most exciting shows for viewers, ever since it launched on the channel. The famous television show Chhoti Sarrdaarni features Nimrit Ahluwalia and Avinash Rekhi in the lead roles. Here is everything you should know about the episode of February 26.

Meher and Sarab get selected for the final round of the dance competition. They compete against Mr. and Mrs. Ayyer for the final. Meher and Sarab, the couple shakes their legs on ley Jayen Kahan Hawaiyen. Meher sits on the chair and dances. While everyone enjoys and smiles. The duo looks at each other and ends the performance. Mr. & Mrs. Ayerr and Sarab & Meher were on the stage. The host announces that the time has come to announce the winner of the show and invite all the judges on the stage to the announcement. The judges proclaim Meher and Sarab as the winner. The judges say true love sacrifices everything for each other and Meher and Sharab have shown this true love. Everyone claps and applauses. Param lifts the trophy and Jagga claps Yuvi said don’t clap you lost. Sarab asks Meher about her plan for the party. She says, will take him to one of the best places to eat and decides the Panjtara hotel.

Meher and Sarab come to a Dhaba. Sarab ask what is this? She said this is the Panjtara hotel. Let’s go. They came inside. Meher orders desi food. Sarab asks we would sit by the roadside? Meher says there’s nothing but more fun. She orders to bring the food fast with lots of spices. Meher says she has been having like this after so long. It feels so good. Sarab says I am coming, and brings tissue and sanitizer and says Meher to clean her hand.s Meher picks the water pot and washes the hands from that. Sarab says I would follow it. Sarab says to the waiter for food Meher says to add butter in it. Meher gives them both lassi. Param says it’s amazing. Sarab asks for a spoon. Meher says to him eat with a hand at a Dhaba. param says yes papa. He eats like Meher. Sarab eats with hand and smiles looking at Meher.

Harleen and Robbie drive and look at Sarab and Meher having lunch at the Dhaba. Harleen and Robbie do not like Meher and Sarab’s closeness. Following that, Sarab informs Meher that Jagga told him that he is not willing to become an MLA. Meher tells Sarab that the people of Atari deserve a kind person. Meher asks Sarab to convince Jagga but Sarab clarifies that it is Jagga’s choice and that he cannot compel him to stand for elections. Furthermore, Meher gets angry with Sarab but releases her anger on the waiter instead. To get daily updates of the show, follow the page and stay be tuned.

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