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Cook With Comali 2 Written Episode 20th February 2021: “Choppu Saaman” Task Elimination Updates

The most popular and trending reality show of Tamil television which earned a lot of positive and amazing response from the viewers is scheduled to telecast tonight with lots of entertainment and fun. The tremendous and fabulous cooking reality show named Cook With Comali Season 2 Written Update 20th February 2021 is here and today’ episode starts with lots of excitement and nervousness is clearly seen in the face of contestants because in today’s episode a new and incredible tas we’ll be performed which surely gives all the contestants a tough and amazing competition for grabbing the trophy of the task. Along with this, the elimination process will be seen in today episode where expect Kani, all the contestants are eliminated from the show.

Cook With Comali

Cook With Comali 2 20th February 2021 Written Updates

An elimination task will be performed in the episode which will be conducted between the contestants and also as we all know that, a wildcard entry will be seen in the show who is Rithika, and the contestants try her best to settle down in the show and offer which she tries to convey in the atmosphere by talking with everybody. Apart from the safe contestants Kani, the participant Sarath also grab an advantage and now, he doesn’t have to perform his work today.

Later, in the upcoming episode, you will see that the judges give a challenge to all the contestants to choose their Comali but they have to choose it in a slightly different way. IN this task, the Comali’s have to transform themselves into famous and popular characters of any Tamil picture and in this, the contestant Pugal changed his getup to “Maari”, and this character was played by the actor, Dhanush while, Shivangi transform herself in Samatha’sed character in “Nee Thane Yen Pon Vasantham” and the participant, Balaji chooses the getup of Raghuvaran, form the movie of “Mudhalvan”.

In the next scene, the pairing of the participants is started and everybody chooses their respective partners where, Balaji chooses the match with Rithika, Ashwin chooses Manimegalai, Sunitha grabs Shakila as her partner and Pugazh comes with the companion with Baba Bhaskar. Shivangi chooses Pavi as her companion and as per the advantage the contestants Kani and Sarath are saved from the tasks and they will see the task form the chair.  The task started with the name of ‘Choppu Saaman’ and in this with using miniature vessels, the participants have to make Dosa and Omelette. The contestants who have the chances to eliminate from the show is Pavithra’s. Stay tuned with us.

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