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Fake or Real: Arjun Kapoor Reacts to Malaika Arora’s Pregnancy Rumours Explained!

Recently in November 2022, a piece of news came out that Malaika Arora is pregnant. This news is again getting so much popularity on the internet and social media platforms. Now, it is shared that her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor broke his silence and he had dropped a statement refuting the false pregnancy rumors. Now both Arjun and Malaika are gathering so much attention on the Internet and social media pages. Many people are curious to know more about this matter. In this article, we are going to share that single piece of information and also talk more related to both of them.

Arjun Kapoor Reacts to Malaika Arora's Pregnancy Rumours

Now, Arjun broke his silence and shared a statement about her pregnancy rumors or news. Her pregnancy rumors made him completely furious. He shared in his statement that her pregnancy report is false and she is now pregnant. He slammed the media reports in an interview and he also shared how this all affected him. First, let’s clear that it is a just rumor or Malaika is not pregnant. He shared in his statement that Negativity is easier to do and it attracts the interest of many people because it has been building for a while.

Arjun Kapoor Reacts to Malaika Arora’s Pregnancy Rumours

In addition, he shared that we are actors, we always kept our personal life private, and every day many of these of kinds rumors come out. There is a certain amount that exists and you have to be okay with it already joining the profession. He shared a long message and explains that it is just a rumor. Let us know more about both of them. Arjun Kapoor is an Indian actor and he is mostly seen in the Bollywood industry or Hindi films. He is currently 37 years old and he carries a large number of fans around the world. He belongs to a Punjabi family.

On the other side, Malaika Arora is an Indian actress, dancer, model, VJ, and television personality and he also appeared in many films, shows, events, and more. She also has a large number of fans around the world. She is currently 57 years old. She is in a relationship with Arjun Kapoor and they shared thier relationship officially in 2019 on Instagram. They have a 12-year age gap but the couple had retaliated to those with love and compassion. We cleared above in this article that she is not pregnant and the actor shared a statement that went viral. Stay connected to to read more articles on exciting news topics.

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