iKon Member Bobby Wife Real Name Images Bio Videos Net Worth Profession And Career

Recently, the famous rapper, singer, songwriter as well as member of the South Korean boy band iKon’s Kim Ji-Won, famously known as Bobby took to his Instagram account and posted a handwritten note for his fans on 20th August 202, Friday. The 25-year old K-pop Idol made an announcement stating, he is tying the knot with his non-celebrity fiancee, and is soon going to be a father. After this abrupt news, most of his fans were taken aback and looked quite surprised, as they never thought that their Idol would marry a girl, let alone will a father of a child. At first, the singer apologized to his fans for keeping this news a secret.

iKon Member Bobby Wife Real Name Images Net Worth Profession And Career

iKon Member Bobby Wife Real Name

In the letter, Bobby wrote, “Hello, this is Bobby from iKon. There is this thing I truly wish to notify you guys today so I am writing this after putting in so much thought.” The letter further reads, “I have engaged marriage with a person I love. Also, I am soon expecting my first child in September with my fiancee.” Born on 21st December 1995 in the city of Seoul, South Korea, Bobby moved to Farifax city of Virginia in the United States with his family in 2005, and there started auditioning for YG Entertainment. He was initially selected as a trainee under the label on 10th January 2011.

At present, he is a member of iKon and regarded as one of the most successful and adore K-Pop Idols in Korea. Apart from being a singer, he is a well-versed rapper, songwriter and as well as producer. Meanwhile, aside from iKon, he is also associated with South Korean Entertainment agency, YG Entertainment as well as with its hip-hop subunit named, ‘MOBB’. From 2013 to the present, Bobby has released many solo singles as a lead as well as a featured artist including Studio albums as well as Collaboration albums.

“Love and Fall” is the first debut album of rapper Bobby that was released on 17th Sept 2017 under YG entertainment, followed by Lucky Man. He also collaborated with winner’s rapper Mino and released the album, “The Mobb” on 8th September 2016, while as a lead artist, he released numerous singles including “L4L”, “YGGR#hiphop”, “Go” “I Love You”, “Runaway” and “U Mad” being the recent one. However, before debuting as a rapper, Bobby took part in Mnet channel’s various shows as contestants, including, “Win: Who is Next”, “Show Me the Money 3” and much more.

Talking about the handwritten letter posted by rapper Bobby over his Instagram on 20th August 2021, the rapper deeply apologized to his fans who must be taken aback by his announcement of marrying his girlfriend and also becoming a father in September. The singer further added in the letter that he feels heavy responsibility as he thing he has caused a great emotional burden to his unforeseeable forces (referring to his fans) and stated that he will become the person who would make his parent together with the iKon members and fans proud.

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