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Imlie Today’s 17th October 2023 Episode Written Update: Agastya Arrive in Bike and Snatch The Papers

Hello, friends we are coming back with new fresh episode of Imlie. Imlie’s fans are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode. In this article, we are going to give you the details of Imlie’s 17th October 2023 written update. Currently, Imlie’s show is running with a great TRP on television. Today’s topic is “Imlie Tries to Stop Agastya From Putting Vermillion”. The episode starts with Agastya. He is about to fill the vermillion when Imlie stops his hand. They are looking at each other. A drop of Agastya’s blood falls on Imlie’s head. Agastya walks away from there. The song Mangalam Bhagwan Visho… plays in the background.


Imlie touches her head and recalls that her bar friends tell her that a girl like Imlie never gets this vermillion. She thinks that her dream has come true. She says that this arranged marriage is her compulsion. The Pandit Ji informs Amma Ji that whoever gets married at this auspicious, they will never separate. The lawyer comes. He congratulated Imlie and Agastya. He says to both they are now husband and wife. Pandit Ji asks permission from Amma Ji. Ammba Ji comes to Johri. Mr. Johri angers on Amma Ji. Mr Johri says to Amma Ji that Agastya insulted him.

Imlie 17th October 2023 Written Update

Mama calls Imlie. Imlie asks about Ashu’s treatment. Mama informs her that Ashu’s treatment is going to finish. Imlie thanks Radha Radni. Mama asks to imlie that where she is. Agastya says to Imlie that bar girl I am getting late. Mama and Mangers hear and are shocked. Amma Ji says to Mr. Johri that she has no words despite apologies. A lady says that today’s kids are not innocent. Mr. Johri says to Amma Ji that if Noyonika makes any wrong decision with herself Agastya will be responsible. Imlie and Agastya are on the way. Imlie recalls Agastya’s injuries.

Agastya’s car breaks down. Amma Ji says to Sonali that she will complete her promise. Sonali and her mother Alka take advantage of the situation. Sonali smiles. Amma Ji walks away from there. A lady says to Amma Ji that she worries about Agastya. Alka says your loving Agastya ran away from his marriage. Alka insults Agstya in front of the guests. Agastya and Imlie are waiting for the help on the road. Amma Ji decides to Chaudhary sweets business to Sonali. Sonali gets the business paper for the signature. Agastya comes on the bike. He snatches the business papers from Sonali’s hand.

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