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Imlie Today’s 19th January 2024 Written Update: Imlie Says Meer is His Mother

Today the Imlie serial starts with all the family members searching for Shivani. Rajni blames Imlie for Shivani’s disappearance. Amma ji gets angry at Agastya and Rajni for scolding Imlie. Imlie leaves with her friends on a bicycle to find Shivani and Agastya also follows her in the car. Agastya asks Imlie to sit in the car but suddenly the tire of Agastya’s car gets punctured. Grandma calls Imlie and tells her that Shivani has come home. When Imlie talks to Shivani, Shivani tells her that she has gone to her friend’s house after a fight with Avi. When Imlie and Agastya are going home on a bicycle, a car comes towards them at high speed and they lose their balance, after which both of them fall on the road.


Agastya suffers a head injury and falls unconscious. When Imlie falls on the other side of the road, the car comes rapidly towards her to hit her and she screams in fear. The car stops very close to Imlie and Vishwa comes out of the car. Imlie starts shouting at Agastya that Agastya has become unconscious. Vishwa takes out an iron rod from the car and starts hitting him with it but he stops. Vishwa says that he has gone mad and used Imlie for his benefit because he thought that she understood his pain.

Imlie 19th January 2024 Written Update

He breaks the glass of his car in anger and tells Imlie that she has cheated him. Agastya regains consciousness and sees Vishwa moving forward to kill Imlie, so Agastya hits Vishwa on the head with a stick. On the other hand, Bulbul, Sonali, and Karan cut the net and leave from there, then a blind man comes there and opens fire. Agastya and Imlie come home and Vishwa is also there. Agastya tells Navya that Vishwa has tried to kill Imlie. Police arrive and Vishwa says that he will surrender himself to the police. Vishwa again challenges them that first, he will share the fruits of his actions and then he will teach them a lesson.

Vishwa tells Avi that this is his revenge but saying that he should take care of Shivani, Vishwa leaves with the police. Agastya brings Imlie to the room to rest and tells her that Vishwa’s chapter is over from their life and when she wakes up, a new chapter of their life will start. Vishwa goes to Meera and says sorry for making her wait. Imlie murmurs to Nand and Agastya sits there and says that he wants to be with her and is very happy with her. Amma ji Shivani overhears Agastya and starts making fun of him. Amma ji asks Agastya to take Imlie to the temple and express his love. Shivani says to plan candle candlelight dinner for Imlie. Imlie also comes there and everyone becomes silent and starts acting like they have nothing to say.

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