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Imlie Today’s 28th November 2023 Written Update: Assassin Enters Chandu’s Room

Here we are coming back with a new episode of Imlie. Imlie fans are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode. Today’s article is about Imlie’s 28th November 2023 written update. Today’s topic is ‘Imlie Seeks Clarification from Agastya”. The episode starts with Imlie. She asks Bulbul if Mami is telling the truth, do you like someone? She says why are you crying and asks about the boy. Bulbul cries. Imlie says there is a function at Agastya’s house tomorrow and then we will chat. Bulbul sees Agastya and says I will not go again to that house. She leaves from there. Everyone is preparing for the function.


Rajini asks Amma Ji what happened, tomorrow it’s Tulsi Vivah and you look so worried. Amma Ji shouts at Govind for making fun. She says there is a secret in every corner of our house, what will we hide?  She says I’m beginning to think that Imlie’s words are correct, we should tell Navya that Imlie used to sing in the bar. She says that if Navya gets to know about Imlie’s past from someone else then she will think of not knowing. Rajini says before taking any decision please think about Shivani. Navya sees a video in which Vishwa is following Imlie and Agastya everywhere.

Imlie 28th November 2023 Written Update

In the night, Agastya looks at Imlie as she is sleeping. He sits on the chair and stares at her. Jugnu is sleeping near Chandu. Dolly comes and says to Jugnu now will you sit here the whole night? She says go and eat something. He goes with Dolly. Imlie wakes up and sees a shadow of a person. She attacks suddenly Agastya comes. A mysterious man enters Chandu’s room while holding a sharp weapon. He cuts Chandu’s oxygen tube. Chandu hits the oxygen cylinder. Imlie and Agastya hear the voice and rush to Chandu.

Imlie sees that the oxygen tube is cut. Everyone comes. Agastya says that the killer got so much courage that despite all of us being there, he attacked Chandu for the second time. He goes to search for the killer. Imlie sees the shadow of the killer. Imlie shouts. The killer runs from there. Imlie comes and hugs Agastya. Vishwa comes and says he heard a wire noise. Agastya says that all these attacks are happening for Imlie. The next morning, Imlie talks to her friend and asks to keep an eye on Bulbul. Agastya comes and says you are spying on your sister.

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