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Imlie Today’s 29th February 2024 Full Episode Written Update: Surya Blames Imlie

Here, we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Imlie. This page will help you to learn about Imlie’s 29th February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Imlie’s Plan to Expose Surya’s Intentions”. The episode starts with Surya. He says to Imlie that her threats do not work on him. He says you and Sonali are stubborn but Shivani will soon reveal the truth. Nirmala asks for water and says the kitchen distance is too far from her room. Surya brings water for Nirmala. Nirmala asks Surya to shift her stuff to Alka’s room and leaves from there.


Imlie says to Surya that Malti will never trust you when she comes to know that he is selfish, therefore Nirmala hates you for your behavior. Surya asks Imlie to keep quiet. He says Chaudhry left me but Nirmala accepted me and I am thankful to her. Imlie tells about her childhood troubles. She says why do you think that your life is only tough. He asks Imlie to stop staring at him, you are eyes will burn me. The next morning, Chaudhry is preparing for the function. Alka comes to  Daadi. Daadi asks Alka to welcome guests. Imlie comes to Alka and asks if she still leaving the adjacent room to the kitchen.

Imlie 29th February 2024 Written Update

Sonali also comes and asks what you want to say. Imlie tells Sonali that everything is changing so fast in this house. Daadi thanks to Nirmala for taking care of Surya and for giving the invitation to the function. Surya angrily stares at Imlie. Everyone dances to the song Dhol Bajne Laga. Surya gives the gifts to the village people. Chaudhry asks Surya to dance. Imlie silently comes out from the function. Surya looks for Imlie. Alka gets angry and comes to her room. She taunts Surya for throwing her out of her room.

Surya comes to his room. Imlie comes to Suya and says what are you doing here, you are stuck in your trap. Surya gets angry holds Imlei’s hand, and pours oil on her. Daadi asks Alka to stop creating drama for just the room. Chaudhry smells smoke and walks to the house. Surya saves Imlie from the fire. He comes out holding Imlie. Everyone shocked. Everyone worries for Surya. Malti asks Surya if he is fine. Surya says to Daadi that he is fine. Daadi asks Alka to not create any drama in the room. Surya comes to his room and applies ointment on his burned hand. He drags Imlie to Malti’s room and says you both lost your husband but there is one difference between you and my sister.

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