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Pandya Store Today’s 1st March 2024 Written Update: Today’s Special Episode

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Pandya Store. This page will help you to learn about Pandya Store’s 1st March 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Chiku’s Surprise”. The episode starts with Natasha who asks Chiku on call to come otherwise she will come to take him. Chiku says I can’t come, I am busy. She says what is your important work. He says Pandya’s life is going to change today and cuts the call. Isha asks Natasha if Chiku is coming. Natasha says he cut the call. She says it is said that a woman always stands behind a man’s success then why a man can’t stand in a woman’s success?

Pandya Store

Dhawal comes there and hears Natasha’s words.  Natasha says to Isha don’t worry we four are with you, we cheer for you when you win the competition, and hugs her. Isha thanks Natasha for supporting her. Chiku meets Shalini. He says I want to talk with you. Shalini gets angry. They sit in the car. He says that Amrish Makhwana is going to name everything in his brother’s name to save himself from you. Shalini asks how you know. Chiku says I want to destroy Amrish, but I need your help.

Pandya Store 1st March 2024 Written Update

He leaves. Shalini thinks that I aim to enter Amrish’s house, but first I should have to start by scaring him. Natasha notices Dhawal and asks what he is doing here. Dhawal says I bring a dress for you. Suman asks Mittu and Shesh I said to take an eye on Chiku then why you come here? Mittu says Chiku has run, I tried to stop him. Natasha wears the dress and says it is loose. Dhawal says come outside, I will check. She comes wearing a black dress. He stares at her. The song Dekha Hazaro Dafa… plays in the background.

Amrish opens the door and sees a few men outside the house. They enter. Amrish says if you want to talk with me then you can call me even you can come to my office but why do you come to my house like this. A man says but your office is closed. Shalini comes to the beauty completion. Pranali notices her and calls Dolly and Hetal. Amrish loudly says to men that this is all rumors, and nothing will happen like this. Dhawal gives another dress to Natasha and asks her to try it. Juhi announces that the last round will be a couple’s round and the participants have to come with their partner. Hetal calls Amrish and tells him about the final round rules.

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