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Imlie Today’s Full Episode 21st September 2023 Written Update: Pallo Gives Baby Ashu

Today’s episode starts with Agastya thinking that Imlie protects the poor even after being so rich. She is an ordinary girl in his eyes and not a hard-hearted person like him who looks down on everyone. Looking at his brother’s photo, Agastya says that his laughter also went away along with him, while on the other hand, Imlie lights a lamp in front of Carrie’s photo. Imlie gets upset and says that if she cries for Kairi like this, she will not be able to take care of Ashu properly. But she wants to know how her daughter’s accident happened.


In a flashback, Carrie is shown sitting in a car with Agastya’s brother and tells him that her family has not accepted her even after 9 months of marriage. Agastya’s brother tells Carrie that her grandmother will accept her after seeing her pregnant. Both of them are talking and suddenly a speeding truck collides with their car and both of them die in this accident. On the other hand, when Agastya remembers his brother, he thinks that he will never forgive the girl because of whom he has lost his brother. Imlie thinks she will always take care of Ashu.

Imlie Today’s 21st September 2023 Written Update

Bulbul questions Pallo why she can’t use Imlie’s entire salary. Pallo makes her understand that half of Imlie’s salary is spent on Ashu’s medical expenses. She tells him that if she takes his full salary then she will stop going to work. On the other hand, Amrit comes to the bar to see Imlie’s dance and gives a lot of money to the owner. But when Agastya calls, she refuses to dance for him and goes backstage to remove all her makeup. Imlie does not like Amrit’s behavior.

She talks to Agastya and asks him who this Amrit is. But Agastya says that he has to talk to Miss Johri and he is standing outside her restaurant. She gets upset after listening to his words. Amrit asks for Imlie’s number from her boss but her husband refuses. He tells her that if she does this then she will quit working from here. Just then, Bulbul comes to the bar and sees that Amrit is very interested in talking to Imlie. She tells Amrit that she will give Imlie’s number but in return, he will have to pay for this work. On the other hand, Imlie runs towards Johri’s restaurant. While she runs to stop him otherwise her mask flies off.

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