Splitsvilla X3

MTV Splitsvilla X3 13th March 2021 Latest Episode 2 Task Winner Pool Date Wild Card Entry

Weekends always bring happiness to everyone’s faces, as people can watch their favourite reality shows. And now that MTV has come with Splitsvilla X3 that aired on 6th March 2021, every Saturday at 7 PM, it brought joy and excitement among the people. Splitsvilla is one of the most popular reality show among the youth. So far, the reality show has released the first episode and now the second episode is all set to be aired on 13th March 2021 at 7 PM only on MTV. The upcoming episode will be very interesting and funny. So, let’s talk about what will happen in today’s episode. In today’s episode, all the 21 contestants will finally be going to enter the villa house. Excitement can be seen on each contestant’s faces. Later, the host of the show Rannvijay Singhaa and Sunny introduces the contestant with a task named the “Scratch Match and Win”.MTV Splitsvilla X3 13th March 2021 Latest Episode

It will be a funny task for sure, especially because the boys will be seen doing funny things and will suffer a lot. the upcoming episode will very entertaining and funny. While another task will be performed where the boy that will lie will be kicked on his ass. The boys will be seen saying cheesy lines to the girl. Also, in the coming episode of Splitsvilla X3 will get to know who will become the connection of Vyomesh Koul. There will be a date night set up where Vyomesh will get a chance to go on a date with three girls, Bhoomika Vasishth, Aarushi Chib, and Janvi Sikaria.

Most probably either it will Aarushi or Bhoomika that will make a connection with Vyomesh in the reality show. While the viewers will also going to witness the lovey-dovey couple Kat Kristian and Kevin Almasifar getting cozy with each other, on their pool date. From the very first day, the duo has displayed their love and affection for each other. They together are even known as the “KatVin” in the Splitsvilla house. Other than romance, the viewers are also going to witness a groupism on the very second day of the show.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Task

  • Task Name: Scratch Match and Win
  • Performers: Aditi Rajput, Arushi Chib, Janvi Sikaria, Shweta Nair, Avantika Sharma, Palak Yadav, Jay Dudhane, Trevon Dias, Shivam Sharma, Smarthaya Gupta, Nikhil Malik.
  • Channel: MTV India
  • Timings: Every Saturday at 7 PM

Kat and Aditi will be seen quarreling with each other while we will see Arushi crying for some reason because of Umesh. Umesh tries to clear up things between them but Arushi does not want to listen to Umesh’s explanation. The atmosphere gets tense when Kevin and Shivam have a fight inside the Villa’s house. For sure, the upcoming episode will be very entertaining. Today’s episode of MTV Splitsvilla X3 will be aired on MTV India at 7 PM. The viewers can also watch the show 24 hours before TV on VootSelect App. Stay tuned with us.

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