Splitsvilla X3

Splitsvilla X3 20th March 2021 Today’s Written Episode: Cat Fight Between Azma & Bhumika

“SplitsvillaX3”, is one of the most popular reality shows and airs on MTV every Saturday at 7 PM. The show has just started and it is already creating a lot of buzz and excitement among the audience. Each episode has something new to offer from its previous ones. Especially tonight’s episode will be going to be very fun, entertaining and exciting, as viewers are going to witness so many things in today’s episode. So, far, two episodes have been aired on MTV of Splitsvilla X3. This will be the third episode of the reality show. The key highlights of this episode will be that, today will be the first Golden Opportunity Challenge of Splitsvilla X3 and also it will be the first Dome session of the show as well as, will be the first elimination of the show. Also, we will see, fight between the silver villa’s singles and the golden villa’s couples. So stay tuned with us.Splitsvilla X3 20th March 2021 Today's Written Episode: Cat Fight Between Azma & Bhumika

In tonight’s episode, the couples of the Golden villa will be performing the Golden Opportunity Challenge. The Golden Opportunity Challenge is really important in the show. The winner of this task will get special privileges in the show and will be saved from elimination. Other than that, the villa and viewers will be going to witness, Azma Fallah getting jealous, seeing Nikhil and Pallak Yadav together. Azam swears that she will not allow the duo to live together in the show. In the dome session, Azam says that she will stick to the couple in the villa and will not leave them alone.

Host Rannvijay says sarcastically that he is having a vision that Nikhil and Pallak chilling and then, Azam going and sitting in the middle between them, spoiling their date and the whole villa starts laughing. On the other hand, in tonight’s episode, we will see contestant performing the Coffee Crush Challenge. In this task, the singles of the Silver villa’s will get a chance to compete with the Couples of Golden Villa. The key highlight of this task is that, in the first round, the couple Vyomesh and Bhoomika compete with Samarthya and Janvi.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Task

  • Task Name: Coffee Crush Challenge Task
  • Performers: Nikhil, Pallak, Bhoomika, Vyomesh, Gary, Samarthay, Jhanvi and Avantika
  • Channel: MTV India
  • Timings: Every Saturday at 7 PM

The luck was totally on the Vyomesh and Bhoomika’s sides and therefore they won the task. While in the other task, Nikhil and Pallak from the Golden villa were challenged by Gary and Avantika. In the end, Avantika & Gary won the task and Nikhil was removed from the throne. Gary and Avantika will be saved from today’s elimination. Today will be the First Dome Session too of the SplitsVilla X3. The host of the show Rannvijay and Sunny introduces the villa with the two sides of the oracle. This time, there will be one silver oracle and one golden oracle. In the first dome session, there will be a slight argument that will take place between Shivam Sharam and Vyomesh and Kevin.

Shivam Sharam makes some racist remarks on Kevin saying that he should go back to Iran and he also age shammed Vyomesh. In the dumping zone, three girls that were dumped in dumping zone will be Arushi Chib, Shweta Nair and Azma Fallah. On the other hand, the couples of the golden villa have the power to chose one girl that they want to dump. While all contestants of the villa choose Bhoomika and Vyomesh to take the ideal match test. They went to the oracle and asked whether they are an ideal match or not. The Oracle reveals that they are not an ideal match. Since they are not the ideal match, they have to bear the consequences in the coming week. While it will be interesting to know who would live the show. Will it be Riya or Shweta. For the more latest updates, stay tuned with us.

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